before & after: chris’s cabinet + media console

I appreciate the convenience and efficiency of simple modular furniture, but sometimes it can be hard to make them interesting. Using paint and minor decorative details, Chris has totally transformed two pieces of wood furniture that — let’s face it — were pretty boring and ordinary. You can tell Chris is a graphic designer by trade from his mastery of composition and color; I really love the mixture of solid blocks of color and sections of natural wood. The new designs suit the rectangular nature of the pieces, but modernize them in a really fresh, unexpected way. Great job, Chris! — Kate

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Miranda S.

There is a lot that can be said about Poul Cadovius’ Royal System, but boring and ordinary wouldn’t be my choice of words!


I really like these. I like that something simple was made into something more creative. I can tell by the additional decorations in the pictures that the remodels are more in line with Chris’s personal style. Very cool.


Does anyone know who did the yellow American Flag piece in the last photo?


Hi everyone. Thanks for the nice comments. The American Flag painting is one of my side projects as well. The flag was created using mixed media (paper collage/paint). I also made the yellow frame to fit around it by using a very thick, sturdy cardboard material and painted it yellow. Please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks again!


Well done! I’m loving the pop of color on the one piece. Very nice. Bold yet understated. You have good taste.

Jo Kin

I’m not a fan of number 1. But number 2 is a hip piece!

Catherine Caldwell

Do the small white doors open on the bottom of the blue piece? Ingenious!