asher israelow

I’m at a point in my life where I’m doing my darnedest to clean out my closet and focus on classic pieces. I have a tendency to stock up on clothes that remind me of summers growing up in Virginia Beach (tie-dye tank tops and frayed denim shorts), but as I get older, I’m becoming more and more aware that buying fewer, nicer pieces really is the way to go. I’ve been trying to apply this rule not only to my closet but to my home, as well. And this sleek table from Brooklyn designer Asher Israelow is the furniture equivalent of a sophisticated black dress. Beautiful, functional and somehow timeless and modern at the same time. While my closet may still be full of discount-bin tank tops from American Eagle (I’m still too weak to resist $5 striped tanks), I’m taking steps toward more “grown-up” furniture and adding this to my list of possible coffee tables for our new apartment. It may take a while to save up for it, but I think that owning fewer things that are handmade and high quality will be an investment in both great, classic design and supporting independent designers. Click here to check out more of Asher’s work online. Thanks to Stefanie at Workstead for the tip! xo, grace

*Click here to see a sneak peek of Stefanie’s Brooklyn home (where these shots were taken).

tami Cohen

i’m sure you already know this, but i have found that thrift stores like the Goodwill carry fantastic name brand, classic pieces. i’m talking clothing, but sometimes, yes, furniture (i scored 2 heywood wakefield tables for a total of 16 bucks last month). but now my wardrobe has a LOT of really nice pieces that i could never have bought new.

the tables in this post are to die for! wow! gorgeous

Mina Brinkey

I love this table! It’s so unique, yet so classic and timeless. What’s beautiful about it, besides the fact that it’s handmade, is that it’s made from a natural material. So, it’s organic and clean and would look good just about anywhere! Thank you for sharing!

Ashley @ Bungalow895

absolutely gorgeous! i totally agree with saving up for classic pieces – we’re living on a mattress and out of suitcases so that we can save for the perfect furniture! i also find it helps to get to know the “space” before filling it up with stuff.

maureen lynne

love the idea of buying from artisans rather than big box stores (who have all their stuff made in china) buying from artisans is indicative of your aesthete and of being a little says you know a little something more than anyone who buys from big box store, et al…
just saying…



lol. i really miss my summer VB wardrobe. seriously. i wish i could live my entire life in fliop flops ;)



That is gorgeous! I glanced at the other furniture Israelow has created and they are all amazing.


I love this! Quality > Quantity. Your blog is always a wonderful source of inspiration. Thank you!
Also: chic, handsome furniture in the home means you can wear tie-dye all day and still be classy.


I gasped at the coffee table, immediately followed the link to Workstead apartment, and then spent 10 minutes swooning over the bed in it /without ever reading the description/. It would seem I’m developing some kind of taste :D

But seriously, the table is pure magic. Bare wood, straight lines, yet so much detail and fine construction I could look at it all day <3


That coffee table is amazing! I have been trying to pare down and buy nicer things as well… Adhering to the Colin Cowie method of one in, one out has definitely helped!


That coffee table really is awesome! And I know exactly what you mean when it comes to those $5 striped tanks. They get me every time!