abigail edwards owl wallpaper

These days, I have a really hard time looking at anything avian-related and not thinking of Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen saying, “Put a bird on it!” Because yep, I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind a bird (or rabbit or whale) printed on something every now and then. So when I saw this new line of wallpapers with owls, I had to fight that inner urge that said “Birds! Shiny!” Yes, I realize I need to quiet that urge a bit.

Part of the debut series of wallpaper designs from Abigail Edwards, “The Owl Collection” just launched this month and consists of two patterns, “Owls of the British Isles” and “Briar Owl.” Abigail was inspired by childhood woodland and fairy tales and decided to bring that feeling to life with her hand-drawn wallpapers. Each of Abigail’s patterns is printed in Lancashire at one of the few remaining traditional wallpaper printers in the UK. And the best part? Five percent of the profits from the “Owls of the British Isles” style will go to supporting The Barn Owl Centre, whose mission is the conservation of barn and other species of owls.

I’m a big fan of the metallic gold print at the very top of the post and think it would make for the most peaceful, woodland-themed nursery. Or just a gorgeous adult bedroom. Either way, I don’t think I’ve met a shiny gold wallpaper I didn’t want to use in some capacity (which is why I finagled my way into using shiny gold-foil stamp on the cover of the D*S book!). Click here to check out Abigail’s new designs and order online. Thirty-two-foot rolls are priced at $110 each. xo, grace

Dora B.

Love the shiny! I’m on a metallic kick at the moment, from shoes to nail polish to eyeshadow. If only I could put up wallpaper in my rental….le sigh.


Wow…love it. The green and gold is perfect for my entryway. HMM. Thanks for posting this!


These wall papers are beautiful! The metallic mixed with the subtle green/blue is wonderful. Awesome post.


yes, the no wallpaper in the rental thing is quite a sad issue, as mentioned by another commenter. these papers are lovely and i will add them to my mental wallpaper obsessed brain collection.

Laguna Dirt

funny post! it takes courage to promote something that is in the midst of being satirized! these groovy owls can hold their own!

Maria Pecoraro

The wallpaper is lovely. But I’m more interested in the wood carved deer. I have one exactly like it that I inherited from my parents, who know nothing about it. I’m curious to know anything of it’s origins. There are no markings on mine to help my search.


NO need to quite an urge for something so beautiful! This is simply stunning.


Um… as cool as that is – FORGET THE WALLPAPER… WHERE DID THEY GET THAT CHAIR??? I have one similar that I found on a curb, but it’s peely and gross. Someone please tell me where you can buy chairs like that!


A friend of mine just posted the last photo on Facebook and I fell in love! I’ve been really into wallpaper on an accent wall, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a bunch of owls all over their walls?!

Thanks for sharing :)



I am completely in love with this website. I like the gold print the best, what a great idea!

Thanks for posting this!


I saw this last night on Pinterest and had to repin it!! I’m trying to decide where I can hang it in my house!!


“Put a bird on it!” is plaguing all of my bird-related purchases as well. It kills me. I can’t help it, I love birds on things.


you have just caused a mjor fluttery heart over here! I have a serious and borderline OCD (but classy and tasteful) owl collection—(in fact, I might pitch it being featured here!) — this makesme a very happy consumer. will be browsing to purchase. Thanks for this. I’m so in love right now!

Vincent Jones

Hi Abilgail.

WOW I think is the word, these are amazing wallpaper designs, you must be very pleased with them all.

I also echo the above comments, congratulations!

Many thanks for the support given to our charity & the work we do to support Owls.