weekly wrap up + wedding calligraphy

Whew! NYC survived another snowstorm, so I think it’s time to kick back and settle into a snowy weekend. AC and I are pounding the pavement tomorrow looking for new apartments (fingers crossed!), so I’ve been busy selling things and gathering ideas for a fresh start in a new space. I can’t wait to start over with some new ideas and a blank canvas. Before I dive into apartment-search land for a few days, I wanted to share these beautiful hand-illustrated illustrations from Holly Hollon‘s wedding. Holly sent them over, and I was blown away by how much she did on her own.

Holly not only created the illustrations for all the invitations, but she did the calligraphy on her own and created little banners for the groom’s cake. I love seeing people apply their own skills to their big day — it always makes things feel so much more special. Holly has shared some images above and below; I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. (How sweet are those bridesmaids’ luncheon invites? Watercolored by hand, no less.) Thanks so much to Holly for sharing these details from her big day with us. All photos by Stephen Devries.

I’m heading out to make lists of rental agencies to visit tomorrow, so I’ll see you on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


So lovely! Does she (or someone else) have a blog post about the wedding and all the vendors involved? I would love to see more of her work, as well as the pastry chef who was in charge of the cake. Thanks!


so beautiful! haha but ever since your post on “put a bird on it” I cannot help but giggle now every time i see a bird. it’s so funny becuase it’s true! i don’t care i love it anyway!


Yay for Holly! I had the pleasure of attending design school with her at Auburn. She is amazing! Beautiful work.


I may have to get married just to get those adorable bride and groom birds.

Jen Green

Gorgeous! So classy, I can’t believe she did it all herself. Thanks for inspiring me to go beyond simple for my DIY projects!

Kathryn T

WOW!!! The calligraphy and detail is amazing! I can’t imagine doing as much as she did for my own wedding! I checked out her site and the rest of her work is just as amazing!


Beautiful detail – and of course the best part is the name Holly Hollon! It sounds like a fabulous character in a children’s book.

Ali B

So proud of you Holly! Everything was beautiful and perfect as always. You should post pics of your condo soon so everyone can enjoy! P.S. Hi Karen!


@Emily – that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking! …that said, they are lovely little guys. ;)


I’m so inspired! The design are simply gorgeous. The wedding must have been perfect! But I checked through and don’t see contact information for this designer. Anyone?


I am very lucky to work with Holly every day- everything she does shows her attention to detail and her design talent!


her work is AMAZING!! I love the calligraphy and illustrations!! (also love her blog..adding it to my subs.)


Woohoo for my college roommate getting posted on Design Sponge! Great job as always Holly, keep up the good work

Katie Bee

Oh my goodness! I am in love with those invites. What incredible calligraphy, and what precious cake toppers.


Absolutely Luscious!

Note to D*S webster: we need a *chuckle* button to express appreciation for comments. Aren’t we all chuckling at Emily’s bird remark?

Jasmine @ YourSweetTreat

She did such a wonderful job, I honestly can’t wait to have a wedding just to design. haha! but of course to marry my lovely boyfriend who is snoring right now :)

I’m so amazed with people with such talent, I hope I can become as talented as they are.

Thank you for sharing Grace!


Every time I see beautiful and unique wedding paraphernalia it makes me want to get married all over again – oh, that and my lovely husband. The color palette here is so elegant and modern. Love it!


Those invites to the bridesmaid’s luncheon are the most beautiful invitations perhaps ever.


Thank you for some great wedding inspiration. I´ve just started to collect ideas for my friends wedding and this was helpful.

Cassandra Marie

How beautiful are all these things! I just got engaged and I’ve been having a blast trying to put together all the little details :)

Lisa, ElmStreetMarket

Wow Holly, that is one amazing wedding! I get a little envious in an admiring way every time I see a geniusly planned and executed wedding, and wish I could go back in time.

Good luck on the apartment search, Grace!