weekly wrap up + kirath ghundoo wallpaper

The week has finally come to a close, and I feel like I’m making some progress on my resolutions/life list so far. Today I’m heading out early to find a used mandolin that I can use for my new lessons! Learning to play a new instrument was one of my favorite resolutions, so I decided to jump on it right away. Hopefully I can learn to play like this . . . one day. Before I head out, I wanted to wrap things up with this beautiful wallpaper from graduate student Kirath Ghundoo. I love being able to share student work, and Kirath’s final collection (above and below) for her master’s in textiles is just fantastic.

I love the bold, varied pattern and can definitely see the color palette connection between this design and its inspiration, Paul Smith’s Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-To-Wear collection. These wallpapers aren’t available for sale yet, but they’ll be on display starting January 15th at Huddersfield University. So if you’re in the UK this month, be sure to check out these papers in person. For the rest of us across the pond, I’ll keep you up to date if the collection hits stores or an online shop. In the meantime, you can check out more of Kirath’s work right here.

I’m off to see what sort of used instruments Brooklyn has to offer, so until Monday, have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday. Happy 2011! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


I love the stripey paper with the silver strips! Also,
Chris Thile is a genius. Pretty much all of the members of the
current group he’s in [Punch Brothers] are. Good luck on your
mandolin venture!

abby jenkins

HOLY STRIPES that wallpaper is fantastic! We are renovating the kitchen in our 1800s hunting lodge and I wanted some very cool, modern wallpaper for in the pantry….I might have to wait for these to be released! So cool.


oh good luck on finding that mandolin! that’s one of the many instruments I want to learn how to play too.


ooo.. just wondering if you were able to get my message? I think it got stuck in spam perhaps? Anyhoo, I’m a new reader and I’m looking for inspiration… finally have a blank canvas (house) that we need to furnish.. but Me, and He.. our styles are solar opposites.

I’m still stuck in the Damask wallpaper zone… but this is sure interesting..


Womderful wallpaper! Nothing like what we see in Scandinavia. She should contact Boråstapeer for freelancework. Sweden might be a “small” country but we use a lot of wallpaper! Every room is usually covered (compared with Denmark where they paint all walls white instead).


Sorry, my spelling writing with one hand was not the best (balancing a cup of coffee in my other hand while “surfing” sitting in my sofa).

The companys name is “Boråstapeter” and the design manager she should contact is named Björn Nilsson, he is always looking for fresh talents.


i love this wallpaper, i want to walk by this everywhere i go, all day everyday. the colors and movement are so energizing!


Love the wallpaper! Good luck with the mandolin!!! My son and I are learning the guitar this year.


I love Nickel Creek! I was so sad when they stopped playing together :( Good luck Grace! I took up violin for the first time about a year ago and although it is HARD, it is so much fun.


I love it i love it I love it I love it! The designs are amazing, so sharp and geometric and contemporary and frrrrreshhhh! I would like to deck out the inside of my van with this :) xxx


i love it, i love it, i love it, I LOVE IT! The designs are SO GORGEOUS! So geometric and modern and bright, bold, colourful and frrrressshhhhh! I would very much like to do up the inside of my van with this lovely stuff :) Keep up the great work! xxx