weekly wrap up + jocelyn warner fabrics

I’m a huge fan of Jocelyn Warner’s beautiful nature-inspired wallpapers, so I was thrilled to hear she’s expanding to a new range of fabrics! The full collection will be on display at Maison et Objet next week, but Jocelyn is sharing a few preview images ahead of time. If the full collection is as gorgeous as that couch shot above, we’re in for one heck of a beautiful series. You can visit Jocelyn’s booth at Maison et Objet next week (Hall 7, Stand C151) or check out her website here for updated information after the show.

I’m heading out to practice my mandolin, so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!  xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


i love those fabrics!! there’s a certain quality to them that i can’t quite put into words.

Samhain Moon

I wish my furniture blended into the background!

And in case you’re wondering, your Zodiac sign has not changed…


congratulations on starting mandolin! that’s really exciting. i’m a cellist whose hobby is design, and it’s always nice to see the opposite. best of luck! :)


i am so drawn to that amazing mirror in the top picture!
any idea who that is by?


Love the sofa. The picture, in general, is gorgeous and
that fabric has great proportions! I can’t wait to see her other
designs. ~Tanya dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.com

Andrea Otis

Does anyone know where oh where I can get that mirror
hanging on the wall above the sofa? Yummy!


Does anyone know whether the armchair in the second pic is
a find, or can be purchased somewhere? It’s really gorgeous! Thanks
so much D*S for such lovely posts, they keep me so much


OMG! I have been looking for over a year for the right
blue, brown, and white fabric to match my duvet cover and I think I
just found a match made in heaven. I love this site!


Yay! You got a mandolin. How exciting! I hope you share a
video or two when you’ve learned a bit. (I do so every once in a
while with my new harp adventures.) Also, that fabric is

heather em

i, too, am flipping out over that mirror… please oh
please find out where it can be found! :)

abby jenkins

Perfect timing! I am designing a set and looking fro some
great fabrics AND wallpaper. Thanks for making my job that much
easier. That mirror is fabu!


I have known for a long time that I absolute love my
curtains with bare trees printed on them. I didn’t know it was
something I would love in different styles. The Tree fabric you
have been showing on chairs and curtains are beautiful. The blue is
my favorite.


I just discovered your great blog & loved it. I’m just new into blogging & have just finished off my own blog on fashion & interior design.
I had a lot of fun putting it together. I would love your feedback on it if you’ve got a spare minute.


How about the blue lamp? Does anyone know where that’s from? I’ve seen it before, yet I can’t remember where.