victorian bunnies

Maybe it’s because of that Alice in Wonderland clip they had on the Golden Globes last night (How glamorous did everyone look? I loved it!), but rabbits in outfits seem like a good idea this morning. These sweet little porcelain cups ($35 each) are from Elm Design in Australia and would be perfect for juice or wine or even to use as little votive holders. Elm Design has a large collection of porcelain tableware with fun printed images, and you can check out (and shop) the full collection right here. xo, grace


thanks for sharing Grace! Love the ginko leaf tealight holder….hmmm, a treat for myself perhaps?!

Eloise (Eloctre)

Ok wow, these are prefect! I missed the Golden Globes, I’m sad now, oh well, these cute ceramics have cheered me up, great find! Bunnies are the best, they are illegal to have as pets in Queensland which is always saddening, oh well. i’ll just have to buy one of these cups instead!

Shannon Summers

how cute is that?! I love Alice and Wonderland things, very very cute! Esty also has some interesting Alice and Wonderland themed things.