the bouroullecs for nanimarquina

It’s no secret that I love Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s work almost without question. (They were part of my very first D*S post in 2004!) And I think nanimarquina’s rugs are the absolute tip-top when it comes to high-end flooring. So when I heard that the Bouroullecs were doing a new rug collection for nanimarquina, I had to suppress a very high-pitched squeal. Ronan and Erwan’s new collection is called “Losanges” and was inspired by traditional Persian rugs, specifically the “very old kilim savoir-faire which [they] see as a delicate mix of rusticity and fineness.” Working with craftsmen in northern Pakistan, the Bouroullecs created a rug that combines thirteen colors throughout a striking rhombus shape. If I had a wad of cash burning a hole in my pocket, I think this would be the first thing I bought — it is everything I love about traditional rugs with a fantastic modern spin.

This new rug (and the full collection) will be on display at the nanimarquina booth next week for Maison et Objet in France. If you’re lucky enough to be attending the show, I highly suggest checking it out — their work never disappoints. xo, grace


I am serious, it might be the most beautiful thing I’ve
seen. MayB I can sell all my furniture + just have that


This is gorgeous! Unfortunately (for me, anyway) kilims and Persian rugs are tend to be done in shades of red and blue, neither of which go with anything in my apartment. Give me one in green, rose and violet!



no price was listed yet, i’m guessing it will be released after maison et objet.



I think this rug calls for making a Victorian “Turkish
Corner” in my sparse little apartment. When you find out the
price/where to buy, give us a shout, eh?


Wow! This is everything I love in one cool rug…Color Color Color and a design evocative of tile. Thanks for sharing!


I’m so sorry… but I think it’s one of the ugliest rugs
I’ve ever seen. Maybe conceptual, o interesting – but


Does anyone happen to recognize the chair in the last