so cool: country living tree carving app

I have a lot of friends who aren’t big fans of Valentine’s Day — something to do with the “conspiracy created by the greeting card companies.” But I really love Valentine’s Day. I loved it when I was single, and I love it now that I’m married, mainly because I don’t think of it as a day only to celebrate a boyfriend or girlfriend, but everyone who’s special in your life. Parents, friends, teachers, co-workers — I love having an excuse to take a second out of my day to say, “Hey, thanks. I think you’re great.” And if you’re pressed for time, emails and texts can be a quick and easy way to send that little note. I’ve enjoyed seeing all the apps that have popped up recently, and this new app on the scene is quickly becoming a favorite: Country Living magazine’s “Treemail” app. Treemail lets you “carve” custom messages on a virtual tree and then send them to people via email, Twitter or Facebook. You can choose the “knife width” with which you carve and the tree bark style, and add little pre-made stamps like hearts and arrows. So if you have $0.99, you can send the loved ones in your life a little digital xoxox using this new app. Click here to check it out or download it. xoxo, grace

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, this cute new heart box set from Sesame Letterpress came in late last night. I happened to be up late after an amazing concert and caught it just before I went to bed, so I couldn’t resist adding this in, too. In case you’re looking for a paper valentine to send loved ones, you can pick up a set of 25 letterpressed cards for $50 right here (enough for all the special people in your life).


Can you confirm that this app can be emailed and that it’s not just a link that the receiver gets? The review on the app didn’t look too promising…



i’ll check with the press contact that sent me that- it said email in the press release so i’m assuming it’s an email. but i’ll double check and see if i get a response ;)


Melissa :: A Beautiful Mission

Aw, who cares if it was invented by greeting card companies… it’s a day to celebrate LOVE! I’m with you, Grace, I love everything to do with Valentine’s Day! (so much better than that yucky Halloween!)


Sigh … wish there was something for the Android users among us.


i hear ya, pleinjane. apparently they’re more expensive to develop, but i’ve been emailing all the app creators we’ve featured recently to put in a request for androids ;)


lyndsey @ the stationery place

i’m with you! even if v-day WAS created by greeting card companies [which i would totally support, being the stationery addict that i am ;) ] — who cares? i love using valentines day as a reason to tell people i love & appreciate them too. glad to hear you’re the same way!

and those sesame letterpress cards are too cute! love the minimalist look.


I love Valentine’s day too – forget the nay-sayers and be in looooove!

(wish I had an iphone for the first time after seeing this post!)


Love the app! I definitely plan on using it this year! Thinking for my nanna and pa pa!


This app is adorable–can’t wait to get it. AND I totally agree, Valentine’s day is for everyone. I like to send the old ladies in my life valentine’s day cards.

Jess McEwen @ periwinkleflowers

Had a chuckle when I saw this- we are featuring flower arrangements at the shop for Valentines that have birch bark tags hanging down that we customize with handwritten “carved” initials- “great minds think alike” :)


That is so darn cute.

Makes you wonder how many of us have the real thing carved into trees from our youth?

Trees for the modern age! Even better.

Dolan Geiman

Very cool app from a great mag. I just did a “Carve My Name” personalized Valentine’s Day art gift on the same concept.