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sneak peek: reiko kaneko

by anne

Given the fun yet sophisticated nature of her ceramics, it’s no surprise that the home of Reiko Kaneko features these same elements of humor. Reiko is drawn to the clean lines and uncluttered aesthetics of Japanese homes but jokes that despite her Japanese heritage, it just doesn’t turn out like that (and it doesn’t help that after every trade show, she ends up swapping products with other great designers). Her home is located in Stoke Newington, in the northeast corner of London, which historically attracted anti-establishment characters like Daniel Defoe, who wrote Robinson Crusoe. These days the area is a vibrant place, full of independent stores, secondhand bookshops and coffee shops. Thanks, Reiko! — Anne

Image above: Airs and Graces chair is something I did for [a] London design festival a while back. We were asked to customize the Ghost Chair by Kartel, and I sent a flock of birds flying through it to make it more ghostly. (Prop birds, so no harmed birds!) The dots of light you see on the wall are little reflections of sunlight bouncing off the mirror balls I have hanging in the window. Especially in winter, with low sun, it reflects back a burst of sunlight into the room, which makes my day.

Image above: The cozy corner of the flat. Margo Selby designed these bed sheets for Habitat with her genius 3D crunched up weaving. Genius because it doesn’t need ironing and looks fantastic.

Image above: The green bottle is a re-blown wine bottle by Klass Kuiken, which I fell in love with at Dutch Design Week. The hanging vase is another hand-blown glass beauty by a good friend, Maggie Williams.

Image above: This is one of the first things I did when I moved in — put up a “Paint by Numbers Pineapples” wallpaper by Jenny Wilkinson. I had a pineapple painting party and had friends coloring them in.  I didn’t know her at the time, but we’ve recently collaborated on an exhibition as Grimm++, and it was great to show the creator her work in action! The sofa was picked up at a charity shop for bargain money a few years back.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Reiko’s home tour after the jump!

Image above: Little bottles of memories include a little bit from the pyramids in Egypt, fine white sands from Dune du Pilat and salt from the flatlands of Camargue in France.

Image above: I’d love a cat but living on a second floor apartment makes it difficult. So for the moment, I’ve consoled myself by cutting out a shadow of my future cat larking around on my door.

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