sneak peek: lara collins

Lara Collins and her husband, Tim, have always called Fredericksburg, Texas, home. The couple had a short stint in Dallas but moved back to Fredericksburg shortly after getting married so that they could have a bit of land for gardening and for their pets — they have two beagles, several milk goats and a cow! Lara owns Enid, a boutique in Fredericksburg filled with her own designs, her vintage finds and handmade goods by independent designers and artists. In addition to working as a Fredericksburg police officer, Tim is quite the handyman and builds fences, entrances and custom furniture; their home is filled with the couple’s collaborations. Thanks, Lara and Tim! And many thanks to Christian Collins for the lovely photographs! — Amy A.

Because Tim and I designed and contracted our home ourselves, we decided to keep it simple. I can’t resist color when decorating, so I wanted the structure to be a blank canvas with white walls, natural wood ceilings and trim, and grey concrete floors. For our decor, I love to mix modern design with vintage finds and a touch of industrial edge. Most importantly, I want my space to be personal — full of things that have meaning to us.

Image above: Our kitchen, dining area and living room are all one big, spacious room with very tall ceilings. I love how our living room furniture floats in the middle of the space. The round coffee table was in my dad’s house when he was growing up, and it was my art table when I was growing up. It was covered with glue and marker drawings until my brother recently refurbished it. My grandfather, Frederic, sculpted the colt sculpture on the mantel. The Deer silhouette hanging on the back wall is from Keep Calm Gallery.

Image above: When designing our kitchen, I knew for certain [that] I wanted open shelving. Colored cabinets were another must. The spice cabinet is an antique tin pastry cabinet that Tim mounted on the wall. When we were building our house, I lost a lot of sleep over how the kitchen would turn out. It was the most difficult room to create.

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Image above: Our bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love the way the old fashioned claw foot tub contrasts with the modern lines of the steel and concrete counter made by Tim. Tim also made the floating wall shelves with scraps from our salvaged fireplace mantel. I choose glass tiles for the wainscot for its water-like look. The bathroom door was another spot I decided needed a splash of color.

Image above: Tim and I always wanted a loft. I love painted wood floors and this was the one space I could have them. The credenza was designed and built by my friend, David Volk. One of my best yard sale finds to date is the framed David Weidman “Butterfly” print. The abstract oil painting I found at a thrift shop — it’s dated 1962.

Image above: When we first moved into our house, we splurged and bought the antique chest of drawers from a local antique warehouse, Homestead. One of my favorite ways to decorate is hanging a collection of prints and photographs in antique frames I find for cheap and fix up myself. Tim bought me a mat cutter and I’ve saved tons of money by doing all my own framing. The bamboo print is by Molly M Designs; the “You’re So Fly” print is by Roll and Tumble Press; the owl clock is by Decoylab; and the butterflies are by The Butterfly People — all of which are from my shop.

Image above: The antique wood drafting table belonged to my grandmother, Enid, and it is one of my favorite pieces in the house.

Image above: The leaning white book shelves are from Crate and Barrel and were the perfect fit for that wall space. The orange floral chair was a resale-shop find that I had recovered with a vintage floral I bought on eBay.


This is beautiful! I especially love all the wall and tile colours, and the lovely framed windows.


Beautiful home! I love the “we are so good together” above the bed and the collection of art above the chest of drawers :)

Lindsay A

Having been through Fredericksburg a few times, I’m guessing the outside and yard is as adorable as the inside!


Beautiful and interesting house! What color is the bedroom? I love the grey.


wow! love these monogramed pillowcases, where did they come from?


Jane, the bedroom color is called Ashley Grey by Benjamin Moore. I think the color looks particularly good in low light areas. :)

Victoria | vmac+cheese

I grew up in Austin, which isn’t far from Fredericksburg! I love that Lara’s home isn’t overly “Texas”…in fact, it’s pretty adorable! She mixed various styles so well.

Also, how adorable is the little graphic over their bed? Too cute.


would love to know where you got that tub! The bathroom is awesome

mary jo

Love this home! The living room is perfection and that bed is so great with the pop of that floral pillow!


I love this! May I ask where are the rug from the kitchen, and the striped bed cover from?

Paulina J!

I LOVE this house because it reflects the owners. I’m determined to make my house a reflection of my family instead of a catalog this year.


Love it!! Your kitchen is gorgeous. This home has such a great feel, with the perfect amount of Texas flair. Fredericksburg is a beautiful town – next time I visit from San Antonio I will find your shop!


Love it! May I ask where the sofa is from…exactly what I’ve been looking for and can’t find.


So fun! I did a double take because I have the same antique drop leaf table. Could you share the color for the painted floor? Thank you.


I LOVE Enid! My husband and I go there (and buy something) every time we’re in Fredericksburg. All the items in the store are so cute! Lara, you have style!


LOVE the LOVE pillows. Please tell me you have them in your store & I will make a trip to get some (I live in New Braunfels!) Or PLEASE tell me where I could find them…


I would love to have the stencil art decal above her bed! “We are so good together” – i love it! Any chance we can find out where thats from too? :) Thanks!


I am totally inspired by this home. Plus, the natural wood trim looks great! Not to mention, I cannot wait to inherit my Dad’s ram head someday — taxidermy can look good.


what a lovely space. so much personality, and you can just tell there is much thought behind every object.


I would love to know where I can find the lettered
pillowcases! Thanks!


dee, the floor color is peacock blue by benjamin moore.
bridget, the sofa is called Oliver and we got it from Crate and
Barrel. :)

Emily Henson

I love everything about this house. The concrete floors, the kitchen tile all the way up the walls, the blue painted wood floors in the loft, the gorgeous bathroom, the furniture set-up around the fireplace. Really, really great choices. Well done!


No really, I think they may have mistakenly designed their home for me. ;-) PERFECTION! That bedroom shot is my fave. Dying.

Kelly Sutton

Your house is beautiful! Would you mind sharing what color grey you used on the bedroom walls? I’m looking for the perfect grey for my walls too.


I adore every corner! Each and every nook and cranny is perfect. I am now inspired to tidy up a bit, which is priceless. Thank you!


Your home is beautiful! It looks so cozy. The concrete floors give it a lofty feel and the colors make it feel so warm and vibrant.

maggie chamberlin

I love the wall color in the bedroom! What is it???

Donna Sue

Beautiful! I’ll have to hit up your store the next time I visit my parents (who live in Fredericksburg).

Ashley Amaya

I have been looking for bedding like this! Where is it from?


Love love love the funky, modern, arty, cowboy mix! So perfect.

Toni Marie

Lovely home! Please, please, please tell me where you got the whale pillow on your bed! It’s killing me :D

Katie (australia)

Lara, all those sleepless nights were worth it, you’re kitchen looks fantastic!


It’s eerie how much our recently-renovated-but
-not-quite-done kitchen looks like theirs: We haven’t put
in cabinets yet, so we’re using a 6-foot long stainless steel
counter with integral sink from a restaurant supply resale
warehouse here in Maine. We also have the same color tiles in our
bathroom, and the same wooden ceiling with exposed beams in our
living room (found under hideous dropped tiles). Since our house
has a similar aesthetic, these photos provide some great
inspiration for finishing up our many undone projects, so


I LOVE your home! I’ve been looking for a new bedspread and yours is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Where did you find it?


i LOVE the whale pillow…is that one of your designs? i’m
obsessed with old time-y moby dick whales lately =)


thanks for all the lovely comments! the duvet cover is from
dwell studio ( and the whale pillow is
by Thomas Paul. Tim built the kitchen shelves and the bedroom paint
color is Ashley Grey by Benjamin Moore.


I have looked everywhere for those bistro dining chairs with cane seating – and in a light wood – where did you find?


I absolutely adore Lara and her amazing shop Enid! So glad that her beautiful home is featured here–the house looks so inviting and I love that it is filled to the brim with objects of sentimental value.

Gül Eftalidis

It’s clear that they ‘live’ in this wonderful house, they’re not feeding objects to show off. Objects are there to serve. Hell yeah!


Swooning over that desk and yellow chair!! (and everything else in this gorgeous space)
I would love to work there. It seems utterly homey and inspiring!


Where are the beagles? Knowing beagles (I have to of the sweet angel babies also) they would have been underfoot! Your house is charming, of course – the only thing that could improve the sneak peek are some warm beagsies noses! :) Thanks for sharing!


Rachel – The pillowcases spell out “LOVE” (I have the same ones!), not mongrams. They’re by Lush Designs – I have the links to 2 places to buy them on my blog (sorry, can’t remember them right now!)


Wonderful home! I love the kitchen and the subway tiles that go to the ceiling! The cabinets and counter tops are fab, too. Very inspiring.


it’s strange, but the look and feel of these spaces remind me of growing up in sydney. you’ve captured a really unique vibe :)


love it all, can you tell me what color paint is in the bedroom? its perfect!

European Chic

What a great flat! I met Lara and her mother in her shop a couple years ago. They were so sweet and since it was raining outside we spent at least an hour talking.


I am completely in love with this space. If find it hard to reflex my style in every room seamlessly. Every angle of this place is flawless.


I just LOVE the kitchen and living area! The whole house is amazing and have something as beautiful some day.


So much color! Can’t you just feel how nice and cool those floors would be in the summer? I love the decisions (the bathroom door! the kitchen!) that went into making this such a unique, beautiful (and most importantly) comfy-looking home! Bravo Tim and Lara!

Tante' Carole

Lara, I am so impressed with your webpage and yours and Tim’s home. Just lovely. By the way I remember your drawings on the big round table!! L/T C


I have been looking for that color! What paint did you use on that bathroom door? I love it.


Lara, you have a lovely home but the thing that caught my eye was your concrete floors! We’re looking into doing something similar but concrete floors doesn’t seem to be the ‘done’ thing here atm so there is very little information available- is there a name for the product/finish/style/colour you used? They look amazing!

Linda Wiske

LARA I love your home! The Kitchen is divine, I love the bathroom and its colors! Great Great combination, white walls, Wooden ceilings and concrete floors!!!
Then u gave the a lot of colors with accesories!!! Love it!
Fredericksburg, VA??


What a great marriage of masculine and feminine and not overdone at all. Great profile! I hope to see the shop soon :)


Its a pretty home..Looks straight out of a picture book! I love how Lara has incorporated so many colors without going overboard!


I have concrete floors too, but have you run into the slipperiness problem?! I have to wear shoes or slippers everywhere, or risk falling HARD. I’ve just put rugs everywhere I can, but it doesn’t make for an elegant aesthetic… Yours look gorgeous.


SO lovely. The rustic, simple bones of the house really make all the colors work together. And I’m so excited to see that this is in Fredericksburg- my family loves weekends here!

Emma Treadgold

I love the blue kitchen! I have just revamped our little kitchen and it is amazing the thought required to determine the placement of a bin, microwave and dishwasher. Just like playing tetris…


The tin pastry cabinet for spices idea is fantastic!!! Can you post a closeup or more information? LOVE IT!


Still drooling over your home and it looks a lot like something we’d like to do…but I was wondering if you have any pictures of the outside posted anywhere? I’d love to see it from a different perspective…can’t wait to visit your shop next time I’m in the Hill Country!

Anna Dussler

Thanks Lara- I simply love it. A friend of mine did something similar in Austin with a metal building and I think it would “fit in” nicely here in the mountains of Georgia, especially with the rock work. Dreaming…


Hi Lara,

You mentioned a few times that your husband built quite a few pieces in your home. Does he do custom builds (i.e. dining tables)? I would love to see about having our dining table built using recycled lumber and maybe some other materials. Thanks!!


I love the kitchen too ! everything in the house it’s Beautiful !


love the pop up/accent blue colors that appear in almost every room, and LOVE the little note written in chalk above the bed!