sneak peek: claire morris of apple & bee


For the past 15 years, Claire Morris has worked as an art director (for Marie Claire) and designer. These days, she makes up half of the team Apple & Bee, a Sydney-based company focused on creating stylish and functional products with natural and sustainable materials. This sneak peek gives us a glimpse into the home she shares with her photographer husband, Matt, and son, Dylan. Together they love working in the garden and creating the beautiful space they live in. Thanks, Claire (and Lana)! — Anne

Image above: My mum is an artist and has painted a series of artworks of her favorite cafe and bakery, “Bourke St. Bakery.” It is an institution in Sydney among locals, with lines on the weekend out the door and up the street for the best bread, coffees and sweets. If you come to Sydney it’s a must: 633 Bourke St., Surry Hills.

Image above: When we moved into our apartment, I was pregnant, and Matt and I used to sleep in our kitchen as the rest of the house was carpeted, and I couldn’t stop sneezing. The kitchen had linoleum and was the only safe haven for me! Soon after, we ripped up the carpet (and the linoleum!) and replaced it with bamboo flooring throughout the house.

Image above: Our living room is where all the action takes place in our home — this may be reading, creating or designing. It makes a great change from my study when I need some fresh inspiration. Our place is very much a home. My new obsession is filling our home with pictures of us. The one above our table is of Dylan and Matty playing in the park, and we are never short of any good photographs in our house, as Matt is a photographer.

Image above: Our bedroom is very Bondi [beach] — white and blue and beachy in feel with loads of natural light.

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Image above: Our home has a mix of local artwork, antiques and wooden pieces scattered with a few modern pieces. The orange Philippe Starck storage seat is great piece for a small home, and I love the artwork in this room made from Cuisenaire Rods (70s counting blocks) by local artist Carlie Morris.

Image above: These are from an old series of Vita Brits (breakfast cereal) called “butterflies of the world.” I have collected things like this since I was a child. I can’t throw them away — they are so inspiring to me.

Image above: Collectables: old cigarette cards, Eames stacking cards and beautiful soap packaging full of colour, which inspire me in choosing new colours for each season. In the background you can see our new range of greeting cards.

Image above: These retro wire chairs make a great place to read the paper and complement the other wire detailing in our Art Deco apartment.


Love the simplicity of this home. The whites plus blues around the house for a cool atmosphere.


Love your place and your Mum’s painting. Does she have a website or exhibit regularly anywhere?


i LOVE the minimalism here, it’s exactly my style. so glad to see that someone else has done what i want to do with my ikea butcher block–painted it all but the top–now i know it looks great that way!!


I love that shot of the kitchen – it looks so inviting and fresh! I especially love the stripey mugs. The butterfly cards are so sweet. Beautiful home!


I also love your mum’s painting. How ’bout Design*Sponge feature her! I also wish that bakery would open up where we live.

Emma Treadgold

This is my home town and Bondi is quintessential Australian, thank you for featuring! Bourke St Bakery is an institution, the best sausage rolls in Sydney. This home is beautiful…


wow, the kitchen & dining area is wonderful.. i wish i had a million rooms to decorate instead of just 4! too many amazing rooms out there!


Kind of a silly question…but what is the name of the white paint that you used throughout your home? I really like the minimalism of it.


looks gorgeous! makes me want to live in sydney and eat at burke street everyday


Looking at this beautiful home has me thinking of clearing out my entire apartment and keeping 3 or 4 things for each room. So lovely.


I love the fact that the bedside tables don’t match. They’re both so pretty and the room’s so simple they look more gracious as individuals. Lovely green shaded lamp too.


what a beautiful home, just went and bought one of their beautiful the eco story and their messaging!


such a fresh bright feeling place…just checked out their products and their website and they’re cute too!!

grit engelmann

so inspiring, lovely light, love the mood of the first picture. Awesome!xx