sneak peek: andrew & matt mccracken of doublenaut


Brothers Andrew and Matt McCracken, the duo behind Doublenaut, have shared this house in west Toronto for the past 4.5 years. Their home also became their studio when the company shrank by a partner. Since they were already living together, it made sense to forgo a studio and set up shop at home. Making the shift from “real jobs” to working for themselves also means they haven’t bought a piece of furniture in the past few years. Luckily most of their style comes from being poster artists, and they’re fortunate enough to have a lot of talented friends and influences whose work decorates their walls. You can see more from Doublenaut here and more of their home here. Thanks, Andrew and Matt! — Anne

Image above: Our fireplace is the first thing you see when you walk in. We don’t have a ton of storage in the living room/studio, so we use what we have. The Wilco poster is by Dirk Fowler.

Image above: One of our cats, Milo, and some show posters by Patent Pending & Aesthetic Apparatus.

Image above: Doublenaut is the design and illustration work of Matt & Andrew McCracken. Working together full-time since 2005, we design just about everything from identities to music packaging but are probably best known for our screen-printed posters. Here Matt is at his desk.

Image above: A shop on Queen St. West was throwing this weird shelf out, so I got a friend to help me carry it back to our office. We got rid of a huge crappy Ikea bookcase and haven’t gotten around to building a new one for these books or my collection of Murray’s pomade tins.

Image above: I bought this table and chair set years ago from a shop in Toronto that makes new retro furniture to order.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Andrew and Matt’s home tour after the jump!

Image above: A lot of the hallways/entrances in the apartment have that cool molding and archProbably our only designer-y piece of furniture is this end table by Douglas Coupland; it’s pretty great, though.

Image above: Box of reference books in an old soap crate that I found in someone’s garbage.

Image above: More concert posters.

Image above: This is above our sink in the kitchen. Ephemera and knickknacks collected over the years. Love my antler cigar cutter.

Image above: Our bathroom has been updated a bit but still has a lot of the super old, cool-looking tile. Print by Geoff McFetridge.

Image above: I bought this flat file on Craigslist back when we had a studio. It’s a behemoth; I never want to move it again.

Image above: Andrew working on sketches.

Paulina J!

I must say, this is such a cool space and these guys are super organized. I might have to show this to my husband as some “inspiration” to clean his home office :)

By Little and By Little

Such an interesting flat, with so many things to look at and wonder about. I love the wide windowsill in the front room, Matt’s clean, uncluttered desk and the word behemoth.


Two of my best buds – immensely talented and I’m so happy to see anyone, anywhere giving them some much deserved attention…


Thanks so much for showing a home that’s stylish, but looks like it belongs to people who make about as much as I do. It balances well with the drool-inducing kitchen refurbs. xoxoxo d*s!

Eric Blair

I’m totally jealous of that Glenn Danzig poster! I’ve wanted that for years – not because of Shepard Fairey, but because of Danzig.


Um, am I the only one wondering why these guys are allowed to be single? Come on, ladies!

Beth L.

I’m seriously loving all the Douglas Coupland books in the “weird shelf” photo.

bargain bex

andrew: i’m single, if you’re single … just sayin’ … so i could get the chance to get a peek at your rad pad in person ;)

yet another beautiful space, ds. you did done do it again.


Pretty big fan of their apartment – even bigger fan of their work. Great feature guys!


Cool yur jets ladies, both of these rad guys have equally rad lady friends.


I own a flat file (for posters and art) and I also refer to it as the Behemoth!


I have that lil blue robot. I collect toy tin robots and my husband just surprised me with two more for Christmas. :) sweet decorations.


I hate to sounds sexist, but it’s amazing to see 2 grown men (especially artists) living in such a nice environment. Well done, boys!

Ben Prentice

The pics look great! Any chance you are willing to sell the WILCO Fowler poster from the Austin show (the one above the fireplace)? Thanks