she & him video premiere: don’t look back

She & Him – Don’t Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

One area of my life that I don’t often get to discuss here is my love of music. In college, I was a radio DJ and my first job out of school was working for an independent record label in Brooklyn. I couldn’t decide between art and music, so I chose music at first. That job didn’t work out like I hoped, so I threw myself full-force into art and design and never looked back. Six years later, I often find myself missing my music days and wanting to inject a little bit more of them here into the site. It can be hard to find the right place to do that, but when I heard from Lindsey at Merge Records, I knew her offer was the perfect fit for D*S.

So many of you have expressed your love of Zooey Deschanel’s style: her clothing, her adorably retro hair and makeup and her beloved home spread in Domino. In addition to loving her personal style, I’ve heard nothing but praise and admiration over the years for her music career as half of the group She & Him (along with musician M. Ward). So when Lindsey offered us the chance to premiere their latest, design-focused video, I jumped at the chance.

“Don’t Look Back” (off of their new album, Volume Two) is not only a wonderful song, but also a visual trip down mid-century memory lane with furniture, decor and references that I think so many of you will love and appreciate. Whether you’re in it for the classic furniture designs, the sounds or both, I hope you’ll enjoy this video debut. It’s so fantastic to get to celebrate the worlds of design and music colliding. Thanks to Lindsey, Zooey and M. Ward for sharing this video with us today. You can check out She & Him right here online. xo, grace


I can’t believe a She & Him video is premiering on your website! This is amazing! I love them/ this song!


Hi Jennifer- I think you need an actual computer to view it. :( Not sure that it works on mobile devices.


Yes! I’ve loved Zooey’s voice since I heard her sing in Elf! And of course She and Him is amazing, I’m not at all surprised to see them on here! :)


Yipee!!! Yay!!! Hooray!! My fave She & Him song.

I dress with one rule in mind WWZDD (what would Zooey Deschanel do). The lovely outfits in this video provided more inspiration.


love this! also love how you are incorporating the music/cinema element into d*s recently with this, sights & sounds and living in. design permeates so many different areas of our lives!

Tom Myler

Great video to a great song! All of She & Him’s songs are wonderful. I listen to Vol. 1 and 2 over and over again all the time.


Nice song! Straight out of the 60s. Plus, I used to have a phone exactly like that :)


I love their sound. A fusion of old and new. Cheers to Zooey and M.Ward!


I love Zooey Deschanel ‘s persoal style also!! I’ve seen some of their YouTube videos but I can’t seem to play this and I’m on a computer. Any ideas?


ha! Superchunk, LOVE. when I was growin up I was like I cant name a favorite band it needs to be GREAT! so then I chose Superchunk, next to Led Zeppelin, anyway great post!


Basically I love Zooey, I love She & Him and have gotten to see them twice (even waited through an awful thunderstorm outside once) and I love this video!



My girlfriend is kind of jealous, but I can’t deny it…I’m in love with Zooey, her voice, her movies, her videos…everything. She’s my perfect girl eh!!! ; )


i too chose the path of the music industry years ago and it didn’t pan out for me either.

Grace, i’m glad you chose art and design! i love visiting D*S every day :)


Are premiere & premier interchangable in the US? I always thought it had an ‘e’ on the end in this instance…either way, great video, and love D*S!


Ack! Sorry about that- fixing asap. About to land on a plane but will have one of our trusty editors fix asap. Thanks for catching that and sorry for the flub.



how PERFECT is this video and zooey for introducing some music related content! ♥ ♥ ♥
(ha nice touch those ‘mop’ slip-ons !!! absolutely love this post. good stuff! :)


She & Him are amazing! So glad you posted this! More music, please! Maybe on a weekly basis? Please, with a cherry on top?!


love M Ward. had the pleasure of seeing him live in a SF bar about 6 or 7 years ago.

also love zooey & recently found out we share the same bday… this past monday in fact. happy belated, zooey.

great video!


adorable. and I must point out that my grandmother had that quirky phone, so cool.


Carlos, my husband is also in love with Zooey. I’ve just learned to live with it. :) Thanks so much for posting this. It’s exceedingly adorable.


love love love love She & Him and so excited that this was debuted on my favorite blog! Congrats Grace!

hank wang

I don’t know how to say…
that a great work!!
I love She and Him=))(cheering~~~


Thanks for introducing me to music that I have to get more of NOW!
I already liked Zooey in films, but now I want to hang out with her, she seems just the girl to put some fun into an otherwise ordinary day.
Now- Domino you say- looking it up!


I love your site, but I must be the only one who didn’t like this video.


The Deschanel sisters are so talented– fashion, acting, singing, producing, everything! I love the retro intro :)


My daughters and i will definitely danse on that! Love the choerography!


I just can’t wrap my brain around ZD. I love M Ward, but she just gets on my nerves. A friend of mine worked on a music video for M Ward a few years ago, and it was never released because ZD felt it was making fun of her. I hate to say that anyone’s feelings aren’t valid, but after seeing the video I just couldn’t understand why she would think it was anything but cute. Eh. Just not for me, I guess.

Valerie Genzano

Zooey is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, I’ve been a loyal fangirl since the beginning. I love this whole album, especially this song.<3


nice song…reminds me of someone i love who also loves this song.