winter roundup: fireplace tools + accessories

Well, if the blizzard from two weeks ago wasn’t bad enough, it looks like we’re due for another one! AC is trying to get down to Florida for work so while he navigates the nightmare that is JetBlue’s hold system, I’m focusing on all things warm and toasty. We don’t have a fireplace in our home, but I do love fireplace accessories and the idea of staying inside by a warm fire. So today I decided to round up over 40 of my favorite fireplace tools, adirons and accessories for those of you lucky enough to have fireplaces at home. Whether you’re stocking wood for the season or just looking to get the smell of a crackling fire in your home (check out Amy’s favorite woodsy candles after the jump), there’s something here for everyone. Also, in case you missed it before, Amy told us all about the history of fireplaces today- so you can learn all about how fireplaces, their tools and traditions came to be. Here’s to staying inside on snow days and roasting (or just eating) marshmallows! xo, grace

Images above: 1. Cast Iron Bear Andirons $36.99; 2. “To From” fireplace matches, pack of 3 for $9.99; 3. Malm Fireplace $1500; 4. Hearth broom $98; 5. Maple bellows $40; 6. Bebop Log Basket $354; 7. Firewood/Magazine holder $255; 8. Code baskets $250-$650; 9. Cat Andirons $50.20; 10. Teflon-coated linen wood carrier $250; 11. Electric Wood logs $49.99; 12. Marshmallow Twig Roaster $15

Image above: 1. Cast Iron Dog Boot Scraper $18.99; 2. Modern lighters $25 (great for lighting a fireplace); 3. Fireplace Popcorn popper $35; 4. Toasting Fork $13.21; 5. Fireplace candelabra $63; 6. Teflon-coated linen mitt (great for working around the fire) $130; 7. Rainbow flame crystals 2-pack $14.95 (they turn the fire’s flames into different colors!); 8. Chimo freestanding fireplace $1773; 9. Charcoal Felt Log Carrier $6.95 (limited quantities available so order soon) ; 10. Low Firepot $119.99; 11. Fuego fireplace tools $250; 12. Geometric Fireplace screen $99.99

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Image above: 1. Canvas log carrier $13.7; 2. Scalloped Fatwood Caddy $49.95; 3. Sage Canvas log carrier $27.60; 4. Fireplace wood holder $39; 5. Napa Wood fireplace holder with suede sling $119.95; 6. Farmer’s Basket $79 (great for indoor wood storage); 7. Square firewood basket $79.99; 8. Fatwood box (kindling) $29.95

Image above, clockwise from top left: Owl andirons $54, 1950s Andiron at 1stdibs (price upon request), Antique Italianate Andirons $1800 at 1stdibs, Retro fireplace toolset $542, Pilgrim modern fireplace tool set $149

Image above, clockwise from top left: Bark hearth set $385, Bark hearth andirons $335, Spice tin pot soy candle $18 (Amy’s favorite woodsy smelling candle), Bark hearth firewood holder $438

Image above, clockwise from top left: Birch ceramic logs $189.95, Copper fire bucket $229, Mini river rock fire bowl $49, PopUp fireplace card $5

Image above: Fire starter kit $45

Image above: Iron scroll fireplace screen $99.99


Love the animal andirons! Wish I had a fireplace just so I could get the owl ones.


Living in South Florida, I certainly don’t need these, but they are great! Something for every taste.


LOVE it! Such a timely post- my husband and I got sleek new fireplace tools for Christmas. They rock- but totally make our broken fireplace screen look worse! That JC Penny one is AMAZING! I’m going to check the dimensions, and may be ordering today!

Thanks for the fab finds Grace!


uh oh too many temptations!…
maybe i can upgrade to geometric screen but keep marshmallow roasting tools (ie branches found in the woods…) seems like a pretty good money-saving compromise !

Melissa de la Fuente

Oh, fantastic! Awesome, awesome! I have been looking for a
round up just like this, though I didn’t know it! :) Just nabbed
that felt log carrier, thanks hun! xo Melis


This is making me wish we had a fireplace even more- love
it! My husband does have a niffty Droid App that at least lets us
sleep to the sounds of a crackling fire, but it’s still not quite
the same!


Such a cute and clever post…now I just need a fireplace and then I can get to it all. LOL. XO Valerie


I have something similar to number 10.. the fire pit there. I like that there are many modern options.. I really like the pop up/pop out card there.


Love the ceramic logs. We have a red version of the Malm fireplace but get this we found it in the garbage! Score!


It’s nice to see such a roundup of log carriers. I have one
that my grandfather had since the 70’s. It sure beats scratching
your arms and getting your clothes dirty when bring wood into the
house. I have a wood burner to keep my basement cozy in the


I have one of those awesome fake fires with the logs and
the light inside… I used it all the time when I couldn’t have
xmas at home, and it really lends a little bit of life to my (sad,
fake) fireplace. I wish it threw a little bit of heat because my
house is COOOLD, but it warms my heart anyway. :)


I will revisit this post when I have a fire place. I should go ahead and buy the rainbow crystals and cat andirons just so I’m ready when that day comes!