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Cartolina has seriously been knocking it out of the park with their iPhone apps. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and to make digital greetings easier, Cartolina has designed a cute option, in addition to a full set of nine new designs based around the idea of ephemera. As much as I love real cards and hand-written letters, if you’re going to send something digitally, these are just perfect. They feel sweet and homemade even though they’re arriving on a phone. Click here to check out the full collection and get more app info online. (The app is available to download on your phone now.)

*Also, the app now links to Facebook, so you can use it to link any big news (there’s an adorable baby announcement greeting) to your Facebook update!

Ashley Whiteside

Already LOVE this app, but hadn’t considered it for some of those purposes. Just found our digital moving cards, hey-o! Usually I just use these to send off color text messages to my best friends. The irony…


Oh the digital age is so much fun. What a great way to get to send little Valentine’s as a grownup. FUN!


Wow, they are fabulous and now they’re mine too. Just downloaded and sent off to my friends. I love anything Cartolina


OMG I love these!!! There are just too many possibilities with iPhones – dowloading this app as we speak :)


Fiona Richards

Wow, thanks everyone for your enthusiasm – I hope you enjoy the new designs.

Kelly, we are still looking at releasing the app for Droid phones – the translation is fairly easy, it’s the distribution that’s more challenging. Apple makes it very easy to sell apps on iTunes but there isn’t quite such an easy way to sell Droid apps. But I promise we are looking into this – stay tuned :-)


I love this app! I use it all the time & especially loved the holiday ones this past Christmas!


I’ve been trying to resist Cartolina in an attempt to reign-in my texting, but these are so cool I must give in! I’m downloading it as soon as I can hook up to wireless!


i’m currently trying to decide between the droid and iphone. i’m not kidding when i say that this post made the decision a little easier.


Wow!!! So glad to know about this. Gonna get the Iphone in Feb. so, how fun will these be to play with.


How about an app for the iPad? I know some apps are developed for both, but I’d love to see one for that.


I have been eyeing this app for months… waiting for it to become available for android phones. Glad to hear it is still a possibility for the future!


i got the first generation. only one photo was ok. rest tacky. also does not work with texting, only email.

Dian Saraswati

I already purchased the original cartolina & cartolina holiday last december. do i have to purchase the new designs or just updated automatically in the apps?

Thanks before

me super duper love cartolina.

Fiona Richards

Hi Dian – you just need to update the app on your phone. The new Cartograms and features are free :-)
Thanks for your comment – we appreciate it!