morning obsession: pretty cards from dear hancock

by Grace Bonney

Yesterday I found myself giving in to my inner design-a-holic and picking up a few pieces from the Linea Carta collection I posted about. In addition to the tiny heart napkins that will soon be fancying up our take-out dinners, I picked up a few packs of gorgeous stationery from Diva’s line (the orange flowers and pink garland). Intending to use them for Christmas thank-yous, I felt that twinge of jealousy about giving them away to someone else as soon as I ordered them. I’ll be blunt: when it comes to cards, I’m a crazy jerk. I hoard them like they’re currency and wait until I have the perfect time/place/person for them. So I have a feeling that as soon as these arrive in the mail, I’m going to want to find a special reason to use them for something else. Which means I may need some additional cards to use for thank yous . . .

Enter my new favorite line of cards: Dear Hancock desk cards. I loved the holiday cards when they were up on Erin’s blog before the holidays and was super excited to hear from Gwendolyn at Dear Hancock about this sweet line of illustrated desk cards. In my dream life, I have a beautiful desk styled just so with little knick-knacks here and there, but in reality it’s a boring Ikea desk. So when I saw these cards I thought, “Ooh! It’s my chance to live vicariously through each of these little dream desk worlds!” My favorite is the “Naturalist” desk, but there are six desks to choose from, as well as a close-up work station design and — the best — a custom designed desk specific to your interests and hobbies! You can pick up packs of six cards for $14 right here, but you can also browse their full line of greeting cards and custom designs (I love the hand-holding/daisy wedding design below). If you’re looking for some fun stationery to spruce up your New Year, check out Dear Hancock — they might even inspire you to redecorate your desk. xo, grace

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  • Hi from California! What a wonderful and beautifully written post about our work! We are so excited beyond belief to be featured on design sponge. Thank you so much Grace!

  • Funny, these cards are actually inspiring me to get my desk area in order. I ordered the heart napkin too yesterday:) I’m going to use it for my bread basket for entertaining–a valentine’s themed party. It’s so, so cute.

  • I said it before, and I HAVE to say it again…you are my twin. “I hoard them like they’re currency and wait until I have the perfect time/place/person for them.” I actually laughed out loud when I read that! I just gave away a card that I had stashed for five years waiting for that perfect recipient.

    • pam

      you are my stationery sister. i still have cards from 2002. it’s embarrassing. i’d been saving this one “new baby” card forever, luckily one of my friends just gave birth. perfect excuse to break it out ;)


  • that’s so funny grace. I always do that with postcards, have a lot of wonderfully illustrated ones. and I do know the jealousy feeling, too well ;)

  • I just LOVE these! So special that they’re hand painted. I love the creative work station…looks much like mine!

  • The last one looks amazingly similar to the desk I’m sitting at right now. Except it’s a laptop instead of a typewriter. Love it :)

  • just wanted to say that i totally hoard cards and stationary too. i am recently trying to break myself of this habit…it’s something i’ve suffered from my whole life! i still have cat stationary and cards from when i was in fourth grade! anyway, i am working through my issues and forcing myself to send my cards/stationary out and using them for what they are intended for. i do still save one card here and there, frame them, and hang or display ’em around my home. :) that’s what makes it work for me.

  • I love the discussion about card hoarding and support the ancient (ok well maybe long-time) practice fully! Why else would I squeal with delight when I find shoeboxes of color categorized cards & stationery tied with bright ribbon in my favorite thrift stores… “Ladies” have been doing this for years with such pristine care. Beautiful collection featured here! Thanks!

  • These cards are absolutely amazing!!! Believe it or not
    they are even more brilliant in person! We also have them displayed
    around our home. :)