marco suarez photography

Whew! Last night I finally plowed through the last of my emails that I missed over the break, and I’m feeling up-to-date, excited and ready to work. One of the emails that caught my eye last night was a submission from photographer Marco Suarez. Marco is based in Greenville, South Carolina (I keep hearing of more and more amazing artists living there), and he creates beautiful landscape photographs with a circular frame. Landscapes have always been my favorite type of photography, so this simple spin on the shape is just perfect. I’m partial to the print above, but you can choose from five landscapes right here for $50 each. If you’re looking for an affordable piece of photography to add to your collection this year, these would fit so well in a number of different home styles. Enjoy! xo, grace


Beautiful landscapes.
They feel both old and new at the same time, so nice.


yay! Marco , is super talented and I am so glad to see this post of his beautiful work!



I love the ocean one, unfortunately not for sale at this moment in his shop!


I LOVE these pieces. Bought one from Marco at Indie Craft
Parade, and the colors are fabulous!


Oh my gosh THANK YOU! I have been searching high and low
for some beautiful landscape art and this is PERFECT I LOVE


Gorgeous! A great find! I can’t wait to see more from this artist!


Absolutely stunning. I can definitely see these prints fitting in with my decor :) What a talented photographer!


I just came across him this week in my search for artists in Greenville since I am moving there soon!
Excited to see his beautiful work on here.


wowowowowow! i LOVE these! so beautiful, it almost feels
like an alien landscape, something foreign, but when you look
closely…so familiar. BEAUTIFUL


I own the second one from the top and LOVE IT! Marco’s
circle cropping is truly inspired.


I love all of the features on your site today! So natural,
beautiful and inspirational! These photographs are really


amazing and fabulous work! every photograph seems to contain a story to be told. truly enigmatic!

Alejandra Daneliuc

It remainds me the artwork of a recognized photographer called Ignazio Balboa.

Eloise (Eloctre)

Wow these are really great! Thanks for finding these, I’m really inspired by the circular shape. They inspire me to adventure.


these pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing his work with us!! really inspiring images.