living in: the big lebowski


That The Big Lebowski is a cult classic worthy of recognition is undeniable. It’s not just because we’re Coen brothers fans or that we weirdly love The Dude’s sweater. There is an unmistakable whiff of modern California cool behind The Dude’s slacker exterior (and we also appreciate his dedication to rug cleanliness).

1. Vintage Oushak Rug, $1,195; 2. White Russian Cocktail; 3. Vintage Cowichan Sweater, $25; 4. Cassette Box, $16; 5. Cigar Sampler, $28; 6. Manchester Media Stand, $89; 7. Vintage Bowling Pin, $30; 8. ’70s Clock, $18; 9. Michael Kors Watch, $308

It’s near impossible to watch The Big Lebowski without developing a hankering to sidle up to the bar for a drink. White Russian, anyone? Nah, didn’t think so. Whatever your poison and whatever life throws at you, it’s a small comfort to know that through it all, The Dude abides.

1. Vintage Ice Bucket, $25; 2. DKNY Robe, $58; 3. Cocktail Shaker, $10; 4. Aviator Sunglasses, $24; 5. Whiskey Set, $20, 6.  Gerry Zanck Bar Cart, $900; 7. Ice Tongs, $11; 8. Vintage Bowling-Style Oxfords, $35; 9. Golf Pencils, $10; 10. Rimmel Nail Polish in Marine, $4


AWESOME! Was wondering when The Big Lebowski would make the cut! Love the vintage bowling shoes.


The dude abides! The bf and I have that Nixon poster. You can buy it at


BEST living in post yet! (But shouldn’t the nail polish be green?)


whoo, i actually love white russians. And that tiki bar and persian rugs too. No surprise i’m a big fan of TBL, so thanks for posting :D


HUGE lebowski fan. very well done, so happy to see this.
I work at a bowling alley in Philly covered in Big Lebowski memorabilia (including an autographed coeh brothers script)… needless to say, this made my day.
Thanks ladies

the boot

best movie everrr! i showed it to my boyfriend (he’s italian) and i didn’t think he would quite get it but now it’s one of his all-time faves! hah!


I just yelled at the cat jumping at me: “A beverage, watch it. Dude.”

I did & I see someone above did as well. BTW, there was a terrific “American Masters” on PBS the other night titled “The Dude.” Yep, all about Jeff. Very good, too.

Clearly I need to get out but it’s icing rain. Oof.



I love your Living In segments already because how cool is it that your site helps me transform my house into my favorite period piece. But I am also a gigantic Big Lebowski fan, the fiance and I call ourselves the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers! So thank you thank you thank you sooooo much for dedicating a whole post to all the fantastic Lebowski icons! Absolutely love the rug, the sweater, and the vintage bowling shoes. And yeah, green nail polish; “Obviously you’re not a golfer!”


Oh man I was super excited to see this post, The Big
Lebowski is my favorite movie! Awesome collection of

Jackie {sweetlittlethrills}

Yes!!! As soon as I saw this, I showed it to my husband
(it’s his favorite movie and the first time I saw it was with him),
and put this post on Facebook. Love this segment + specifically
this choice!

sara @ the by & by

No lie, I just watched this last night!!! My boyfriend’s
favorite movie of all time … “I’m the Dude. So that’s what you
call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El
Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”

Alexandra Duron

Yes! I love that you chose this movie for your “living in”


Love it! This is just great :) I also love the dudes slacker style and his rug that “ties in the room”. One bone to pick though… where in the world can one get a White Russian for just $3 bucks?!


I’ve totally got #2 on the first block down. I like to “find my inner dude” and partake in white russians. nomnomnom. I would love one of those sweaters though – looks cozy.


oh how i have been waiting for you guys to do this Living In! thank you it is perfection! that rug really ties the room together.

Toddler Chase

I love TBL, of course, but why would anyone want to live in it? That house was sooo depressing.


We just had a Big Lebowski viewing party last Friday…complete with White Russians, a guy in a bathrobe, and Wii bowling before. Great fun!


Great post. With that closeup on Julianne Moore . . . I had a flickering of hope that you’d found a source for Maude’s green velvet gowns!

Christa Pirl

I never would have thought one could pull off a ‘living in’ segment about this movie! How awesome, you almost make his place look appealing! However, I must admit I bowl in a very similar bowling alley every week!

Jody Brettkelly

What a great post, do I detect a sort of preppy meets Sundance-hippy kind of vibe?? (maybe I’ve got it all wrong…) Thanks to Katie for GL party suggestion. I’ve found a home for all our cheap vodka and Kahlua ….White Russian-ready Big L party…


Yea I remember seeing this movie “it was a trip but yet so real”. I can identify with the style and designs “oh I remember it well”.


Thanks for covering my favorite all time movie! :) Now if I can get A Might Wind or Best In Show I can die happy. lol


can’t wait to show this to my fiance. he and his family are the biggest lebowski fans i’ve ever seen. they watch the movie every christmas. (i love the dude’s sweater!)


Love it! I was just at Dude-A-Thon in Columbus this past Sunday. Good times.


yessss! my fav blog and my fav movie together at last. my cat is even named walter sobchak, and he can get you a toe by 3 o’clock… with nail polish.

this round up is great. i just gotta find the closest ATM.


Love the post! Being from Vancouver Island, I always enjoy seeing Cowichan sweaters getting a shout out. However, the sweater you have linked is not authentic, it is from Minnesota. Cowichan sweaters are a tradition sweater, hand knit by the first nations people originating in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island, Canada. What the dude is wearing is, I believe, just a bowling sweater. I do however love the fact that “Cowichan-style” sweaters are increasing in popularity, and it would be fantastic is the wonderful women who knit the authentic ones saw an increase in business. They can be ordered online through a few sites, including this one:


Love it! I totally lust after the dude’s sweater. It would be uber hipster and I did get a look when I told my friend I loved it but still…


LOVE the Dude! And how could I have missed that poster in the background all this time? Thanks for righting this wrong!


And now that I’m looking at it, that’s some pretty awesome wallpaper in the Nixon photo. Do you think that it’s the White House bowling alley ca. 1970?


My eyes went straight to the Kahlua and Vodka and thought oh White Russian not a nah a ya! Like Carmine, I too was hoping to see a link for the green velvet gowns!


This is probably the best movie every made.

Great job on the boards… good find on that vintage cart.


Hey, his house isn’t *totally* depressing. It’s in a classic California bungalow court, has some fab Craftsman details with some Mission touches, and has a simply amazing bathroom tiled in crazy 1930s colors.

Okay, so it could use a good scrubbing and some styling…but that rug really ties the room together.


the dude’s beverage of choice is a caucasian, not a white russian, haha.


One of my all-time faves, Oh that sweater! I saw one recently at Target, belted and all.


Those funky bar stools in the second to last screen shot are from a Scandinavian Furniture Design website. Beech wood seat. Chrome metal legs. My boss used to have them in our office. That was around 2003. Don’t remember the name of the store, but I’m sure if you do a google search for it, you can find them!


I love it! I found your website through the She & Him video link. I was already excited for the website, then I saw Big Lebowski! I love it! My hubby and I have been on a Lebowski kick (He was the Dude for Halloween and we’re going to see Jeff Bridges tomorrow on Craig Ferguson). Now I know how to decorate our new apartment- you know really tie the room together with a valued rug! ;) Great website!


What a great “Living in” post, definitely my favorite so far.

Not to split hairs, but the rug from the movie was a vintage Persian Kashan. I have actually sold more than one mid century Kashan like it in my shop to customers looking for “The Big Lebowski” rug.

The dude abides

Sarah @ Still Life Mercantile

but yes, the polish should be green :)


“Calmer than you are.”

Most useful movie quote when The Husband and I are getting a little snappy with each other. Awesome “Living in” post!!!


One of my most favorite movies, just great. Didnt noticed he have eames chair at home before!


Fantastic. Yes. check out the PBS doc about Jeff Bridges – American Masters.


AMAZING!! Thanks for this one.

I noticed that there are no John Turturro/Jesus, Goodman, Buscemi references, or isn’t a Time Magazine mirror. Oh well, I guess we can personalise on the solid Lebowski template.

Dawn K.

This aggression will not stand, man.

That blue nail polish is just fail. Also, confused about the cigar in the Dude’s collection. Maybe a roach clip instead? :)


Hahahahaha…that movie was a riot! In fact for years I have done handstands in hopes of getting pregnant again, but after five years I finally gave up and just go to bed instead :(! It’s been over 9 years now, maybe I should start again! Funny what one remembers from a movie!


The sweater is actually a Pendleton. My fiance owns the very same one (stole it from his dad, actually) and wore it for years before we put two and two together… I’m willing to bet he’s worn the sweater (unwittingly) while watching the movie at some point or another… As soon as we realized, of course, it became the go-to holiday costume. Greatest movie ever…

April in Autumn

Oh, man You know anytime anyone mentions the Big Lebowski there has to be a sudden quote fury. LOVE this post ever so much!

Inspired. :)