happy birthday, ac!

Before we get started today, I wanted to take a second to send a very happy birthday to my husband, business partner and all-around best friend, AC. He turns 34 today, and I’m so excited to share his Paul Pierce birthday with him. Happy Bday, AC! xo, grace

*This tea towel ($10) seemed to fit my feelings perfectly. I wouldn’t want my coffee without cream (Dunkin Donuts-style), and I wouldn’t want my days without AC.


That’s actually a quote from an old Nat King Cole song:
You’re the cream in my coffee You’re the salt in my stew You will
always be my necessity I’d be lost without you It was on the first
mix I made my husband after we went on our first date!


Happy Birthday to your husband, my husband also shares the
birth date. Love your blog, I read everyday,very nice!


I love those Blue Q dish towels. My mom sent us a bunch
when we moved into our first flat. I love the “Eat at Home” one.
Happy Birthday, AC!


happy birthday! i do love that tea towel so much (as well
as dunkin donuts coffee). this would be a fantastic gift for my
mum, so thank you for featuring it!


Happy Birthday to AC! I share this birth date as well as
this birth year! The tea towel is very cute!


aw love this! and also fluke! b/c I wrote to the bf this
morning you are the film in my coffee! Happy Birthday to AC! hope
you both have a fab day!


Happy Birthday to AC!

And I just bought the “I love you like biscuits and gravy” dish towel from them! Thanks for directing me to them! It’ll be an excellent Valentine’s day gift!


Happy (Belated) Birthday! I adore this tea towel to no end, so much so I immediately ordered it for my best friend for her birthday! Thanks for featuring it!