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handmade weddings: fantastic new book + diy project!

by Grace Bonney

When AC and I got married in 2009 I found myself spending more hours than I would have liked flipping through wedding books on the floor of Barnes & Noble. After weeks of looking and scanning through every book I could get my hands on, I came to the conclusion that there just wasn’t a wedding book written that spoke to my style and my interest in doing as many things as possible by hand. There were a few DIY books on the market but they didn’t quite nail that mix of trend-conscious and classic that I was going for. But now, there’s finally one that does. My wedding may be over, but the new book Handmade Weddings: 50 Projects to Style and Personalize Your Big Day is the dream DIY book I had been hoping to find two years ago.

Written by Eunice and Sabrina Moyle (the Hello Lucky! girls) and Shana Faust (an amazing stylist and creative director), Handmade Weddings is 260 pages of everything you could possibly want- and imagine- from a DIY wedding book. The book imagines six different weddings/themes: Retro Homespun, Girly Romantic, Happy Graphic, Organic Minimal, Modern Classic and Found. Each wedding comes with 9-10 project ideas to help you complete the look, from handmade invites and decorations to favor ideas and ring pillows. Each of the events feels wonderfully “now” but has elements that will continue to be relevant (and adaptable) for years and years to come. And while I love these individual events- the meat of the book- my favorite section is right in the beginning: a handmade weddings resource guide with TONS of info on finding inspiration, sourcing materials (with some great outside the box ideas) and a checklist for the elements of your wedding you can tackle on your own. The back of the book has a great glossary of terms (so you know your satin ribbons from your grosgrain) and a helpful timeline to help you plan all your projects ahead of time. I always see weddings as a chance to really let your personalities shine and celebrate homemade decorations and special objects, and I really think this book nails that spirit. If you’re looking to DIY your special day, give Handmade Weddings a try- it’s an all-in-one guide to making your big day a truly special (and mostly low-budget) occasion.

Today I’m thrilled to be sharing one of the projects from the book: amazing hanging pompoms made from cupcake liners! This is a great way to decorate any occasion, from a birthday party and wedding to a summer BBQ. I love the fact that you can really customize this based on your liner choices- it will be a handy trick to have the next time you need to whip up some easy, inexpensive decorations. Thanks again to Eunice, Sabrina and Shana for sharing this project (full steps after the jump) with us. Speaking of the authors, check out their adorable book video below! You can watch them recreate one of the gorgeous wedding setups featured in the book. Here’s to happy weddings for everyone! xo, grace


Pretty patterned cupcake liners become festive pom-pom strands with a bit of glue and string. Hang these over your reception tables or in your cocktail area, and feel free to mix and match colors and patterns within your palette.



4 to 6 hours

8 to 10 weeks before
the wedding

• Station 1: Flatten and fold the cupcake liners.
• Station 2: Make the pom-poms.
• Station 3: Attach the pom-poms to the string.

$50 to $75

Makes six 12-foot strands
• 720 cupcake liners, approximately 120 per strand
• Six 12-foot lengths white kitchen string

• Bone folder
• Rubber bands (optional)
• Glue sticks
• Clear tape

1. Flatten and fold your cupcake liners.
Using a bone folder, flatten each cupcake liner into a circle. Fold
in half, wrong-side out. Repeat for all of your liners. You will need
10 identical liners per pom-pom. If you are using a variety of patterns and colors, stack or rubber band them by pattern. If your cupcake liners have scalloped edges, be sure to fold them along the same axis every time. This will ensure that the segments that make up each pom-pom are all symmetrical, making for a pleasing whole.

2. Make the pom-poms.
Place 10 folded cupcake liners, of the same pattern and color, on your work surface. Using a glue stick, spread glue over one half of a cupcake liner. Align it to the corresponding half of a second cupcake liner. Press down and smooth with your bone folder (figure 1, page 29).

Let dry. Continue attaching the cupcake liner halves, smoothing
each segment as you go to ensure a secure bond. Do not glue the last
segment. When complete, the pom-pom will form an accordion-like
sphere with one open segment, which allows you to flatten the pom-pom into a circle (figure 2). Let dry completely. Continue making pom-poms.

3. Attach the pom-poms to the string.
Leaving about 2 feet on either end of the garland for hanging, attach the pom-poms along the string, at 2-inch intervals (or greater if desired). To attach, lay a flattened pom-pom on your work surface and align the string along its central axis (i.e., along the crease). Secure the string with two small pieces of clear tape, one on each end of the pom-pom. Spread glue over one half of the circle, as well as on the string, and sandwich the two halves of the open segment together, trapping the string (figure 3). Let dry. When all the pom-poms are attached and dry, hang the garland. “Fluff” the pom-pom segments by hand to create full circles.

• Happy Graphic: Choose cupcake liners in bright solid colors. In lieu of white kitchen string, use a colorful string or cord.

• Found: Use a variety of patterned and solid liners in blues, reds, greens, and yellows. In lieu of white kitchen string, consider using red and white striped baker’s twine or jute.

From the book Handmade Weddings> (Chronicle Books 2011) by Sabrina Moyle, Eunice Moyle and Shana Faust. Photographs by Joseph De Leo

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  • Ha, oh my. Now that I am married, my fear is that I’ll run into something fabulous I wish I could have had to help plan, and here it is! Hehe :) My sister still has a wedding to look forward to though…

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my wedding :)

  • The promo video is really cute. I will defiantly be
    purchasing this one. This blog never fails me, everyday I read to
    be inspired and start my day! xoxo

  • Awesome! I’ve been doing the same flipping through books and websites of my favorite inspiration lately, this is great to know about. I just want to do a cute indie diy outdoor wedding of some sorts.

  • Oh boy, my wedding was a year and a half ago and I still can’t get enough of this stuff! I only wish I had time for half of the DIY projects I wanted to accomplish. Time really flies when it comes to planning weddings.

  • Just ordered it! I’m getting married in two months and have
    been slowly amassing a pile of vintage stuff for reception
    decor…this will definitely help me out on how to put it all
    together and add the finishing touches.

  • I’m actually not getting married either…BUT, I have a lot of friends getting married and having babies and any of these projects would be great for showers and/or parties!

  • I have been seeing so many cute DIY wedding guides coming out lately! I wish I had my wedding to do over . . . I’ll just have to wait until my little sister gets married, and make her let me take over!

  • God!!! I’ve got to say… we decided to do something easy and fast because we are about to look after new oportunities in other countries… I have to admit that I didn’t thougth that some amazing things sush as your blog’s posts about weddings…

    … just wow!!! I want to marry again and absorve all this ideas and magical moments!!!

    I’ll have to come back and celebrate in our first aniversary!!!!

    God… you make it hardly easy !!

  • I am so about to order this. weddin’ is March 5th, and I
    don’t need ANY more ideas but I’m so tempted! If nothing else it’ll
    come in handy for my maid of honor who is gettin’ hitched in

  • The stop motion-ish video is so fun, makes me want to throw
    a party just to decorate for it. And dress up all cute-like. A Just
    Because party.

  • where can I find such pretty cupcake liners? I doubt my local grocery store has much of a variety! Any good suggestions or links?

  • I found much the same thing when I got married in 2006. I wanted a very different kind of wedding, and everything I read was about a very traditional, very structured kind of day. In the end we decided to go for a wedding that was entirely constructed by us and our friends and family. And as we had everything we needed (for our home), we asked people not to buy us gifts, but to contribute to the day. The wedding itself was our wedding present from the people who love us. We made our invitations, the order of service, and decorations for the garden; people brought food and contributed time and skills (flowers, photography, design) and it was stunning. I’m so proud of what we achieved in eight weeks (yes, I did it in two months flat) and how pretty it all was. But it would have been nice to have some guidance!

  • Your ideas are refreshing and amazing! So simple yet sweet. Excellent post and the instructions are also great. Thanks for posting this. Can’t wait to share!