great student work: nook coffee table

It’s always amazing to see what student designers are up to these days. This fantastic coffee table was designed by product design student David Pickett at the The Cleveland Institute of Art. Inspired by the idea of “a bookshelf crash-landing into a coffee table and creating a ‘4th leg'”, David created a table that integrates a beautiful shelving unit. I love how simple but still complex this fields. I can already think of some beautiful coffee table books that would look right at home in here. Click here to check out David’s nook table online right here. xo, grace


Awesome! I’m a communication design student at CIA and it’s really great to see some representation of my school on one of my favorite blogs!


As much as this design looks great, I can’t help but think of my shins and how painful it would be to accidentally bump into this table. It has soo many sharp edges!


OOoh, I love it–thanks for sharing. It’s nice to have books right there without them all being right on top of the table. Great design!

MG Atwood

Funny, my first look was, very cool, second look, ohhhh I can see myself killing my shins…not baby friendly for sure.


What a fabulous piece. I love all the planes; especially
since they’re so functional. Useful and good-looking – the best
kind of design!


I absolutely love it! I already run into my coffee table
all the time, but my cat would adore that table, so many places to
hide and lounge on.


This is fantastic. I can think of so many people in school
or just book readers that would adore this table.


Would be great in a larger living room with a wide perimeter around the table. Otherwise: ouchie, my shins!


Beautiful table. Very functional of course, but aside from
all that, this table just looks great. Wonderful effect for such a
simple design. Brilliant work.


Check out Dylan Gold’s version… Personally a much more appealing concept, but they both remain clearly clever and nicely executed.


Actually, I think the angles are very functional – maybe not so much for someone with a house and a baby, but for a student living in a one- or two-room flat. With space at such a premium, the angles allow the table to be a little closer to the couch yet you still have space for your feet.


It looks beautiful, but rather unpractical. Also, it looks
as though spilling anything on the table would mean a very high
risk on ruining all the books on the shelf. Sitting the way the
dude is sitting on the photos, with that coffee pot there… I can
see it happening.

jenni o

I really love this design, and don’t understand all the
ouch comments. Do all of you have round, padded coffee tables? I’m
prone to run into just about everything, I don’t see how this would
be any more painful than the one I have now. As for liquid, I ruin
just as much paper, books, and magazines on my flat coffee table
when I spill a drink. I disagree about not being baby friendly, for
the same reasons, although I can see a toddler just loving what
looks like a built-in seat on the front side. Ignore the haters
David, I’d buy it! (but maybe avoid product shots with the shelf
side to the sofa…I believe that is what inspires the shin

Sheila Schultz

David, be very proud of your design. I’d buy it in a minute. The lines are intriguing, off center and just so lovely to look at… Your future is yours to build into an empire! Congrats…


I agree that it looks great but did anybody think about
what happens to the books when you spill the coffee over the table?
The damage would be much more significant than with “ordinary
tables” where you would stack the books on top of each other or
keep them under the table. While the following suggestion might
make the table “less pleasing to the eye”, I think I’d bought the
table if it was that way; add a rim to the sides of the table, thus
keeping the spill from damaging the books – and it would protect
the carpet too :)


Apparently, someone did think of the risk of spilling – two
people actually. I managed to overlook it when skimming through the
other comments. My bad.


Apparently, someone did think of the risk of spilling but I
overlooked it when skimming through the comments the first time. My


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Beautiful! Love the concept and intelligent thought. on the wish list!!