d*s at currency: organizing your home office

Organization is often the last thing I want to think about early in the morning, but it’s a new year, and I’m trying to break myself of my bad organizing ways. I’m embracing using a real desk (instead of my couch) and learning not to put off organizing my inspiration images until I accidentally throw them away, thinking they’re old magazines that need to be recycled. So today I’m loving D*S editor Kate‘s new post over at the D*S blog on Currency. Kate is covering home office organization tips, from foolproof filing systems to paper shredders. She also rounded up some great desktop products for organization, so if you’re looking to get everything in order at home, click here to check out the full post. xo, grace

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*Image above from Lauren Nelson’s sneak peek.

Christine @ The Pantry Drawer

I absolutely love desk organization! my room is often a mess but I always keep my workspace organized – it keeps my life from feeling too cluttered. And i LOVE the paper boxes (#2) for organizing. They keep everything in it’s place in a simple, chic way!

Alexis K.

Great post… but quick question.. I’m drooling over the yellow/grey fabric pinned to the wall. Any idea the name/who makes it? Pretty please…



I went to a workshop run by my work (kikki.k) about paper flow a couple weeks ago and it was the best thing I have ever been to. they are available in Australia and New Zealand at the moment and I would highly recommend going to one for anyone and not just because I work for them!


Great ideas for office deco.We are currently moving offices and looking for inspiration on how to decorate our space.Best of offices 1 &2 is great.Thanksxx



the details of the products are listed in the post at currency- this post was written for currency, not d*s.


Molly Cooper

Ha, I can definitely relate to the “designing on the couch and misplacing inspiration ideas” concept- my “office” is currently the dining room. I need to create my own space! Thank you for this well-timed motivational post :)


Fantastic office post – love the inspiration image and organizational goodies – definitely making me want to get my home office in shape PRONTO.


I am in search of a well made, not too huge shredder. The cute one I bought from Staples broke in two months (!)

Anyone have recommends or experiences?


Where were you 2 weeks ago?! I was going crazy trying to figure out how to organize my letterpress studio (which was my old dining room). I posted the before and after in my blog, wish it looked as cute as this one :-)


does anyone know where i can find a smaal filing cabinet like the one on the right in this photo?

J. Covender

I just found this blog, so please forgive me for posting this is an untimely manner! :P I appreciate the points this makes regarding office organization, which is imperative for anyone who works from home. I love finding a place for everything, but sometimes need the motivation to do so. I converted a tiny closet into a workspace and was able to use some guidelines from Pendaflex and utilized some of their custom workspace organizers. I also like the fact that they offer “green” recycled file folders.


Okay this is just me but even with the storage items put on the desk, it still looks quite cluttered.. A better bet would be proper cupboards and drawers to keep all the messy stuff out of sight!