diy project: vintage dice cup vase trio

For me, part of the joy of DIY projects comes from using items that most would pass by without giving a second glance. I appreciate decorative items that can also serve a practical purpose. This month, I wanted to share a simple project that you can customize in a million different ways to make use of objects that you have on hand and to display items that you enjoy. I am using mine for seasonal greenery. You could easily use yours to hold craft supplies, office essentials, kitchen tools or whatever suits your needs. — Ashley

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  • circular cut of a tree trunk (can be found at sawmills)
  • sandpaper, 150 grit
  • 3 plumbing hose clamps (the diameter is determined by the size of container they will be holding)
  • 3/4 x 16 wire nails (the nails need to have a large head but small diameter)
  • 3 dice cups
  • 3 glass bottles (I repurposed Heinz Chili Sauce bottles)


1.  Mix one part paint with one part water. Paint one side of your wood piece. Avoid getting paint on the bark.

2. Sand down the wood. The paint will cause fibers to rise. By sanding, you can remove the raised fibers and give the wood a smooth feel.

3. Add another layer of paint if needed.

4. Determine where you want to attach the three dice cups. I started with the bottom of the center cup and placed the centers of the other two cups four inches from the center of the middle cup.

5. Completely open the hose clamp and drive a nail through the last opening of the clamp and into the wood. The nail will most likely be larger than the clamp opening but with force, you can nail it in. Repeat with the other clamps.

6. Close the clamps and insert the dice cups. Tighten the clamps around the dice cups. If any of your bark fell off during this process, you can simply hot glue it back on.

7. Add the glass bottles and greenery.


Krista @ Blue Eyed Yonder

Totally fabulous! My husband and I always save a circular saw cut from each year’s Christmas tree. We only have two pieces right now, but with time we will grow our little collection. We wanted to be able to see how our trees varied in size over the years and at the same time keep a little memory of that year’s special day.

This gives me so much inspiration for ways to use them outside of the holidays. Thanks so much!

{and I am loving the Heinz bottle idea, I’ll definitely keep that one in mind}



since they’re being attached with a metal clamp you could use pencil cups or tin cans :)

*vintage pencil cups on ebay could be fun!



this is so great! I just found a bunch of beautiful original food cans from the 40s at a consignment store and had no idea how to use them in my kitchen. thank you!


small empty paint cans also make excellent vases- esp if there are artful drips of paint.