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diy project: cardboard thank you postcards

by The BBB Craft Sisters

With the new year upon us, the reduce, renew, recycle mantra is at the forefront of our brains. That paired with a long list of thank you notes still to write inspired this recycled-cardboard postcard project. We have so many boxes around from the holidays that we decided to cut them up and make our own thank you notes. (We still have until mid-month before we start pushing the rules of etiquette, right?) We did these postcards a few different ways, so based on what you have around your home, you can pick whichever method you like. Sometimes the space on a postcard is all you need for a sweet, succinct note. Put together a stack of these, and you’ll be set for months to come! — bbbcraft sisters

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  • scrap cardboard
  • metal straight-edge ruler
  • X-Acto knife
  • pencil
  • yarn
  • large needle
  • rubber stamps and stamp pads
  • cards you have received (with the fronts torn off)
  • spray adhesive
  • black pen


Stitched Postcards
We used leftover yarn scraps from knitting projects to decorate these, but any twine, yarn or thick string would work.

1. Cut postcard-sized pieces from scrap cardboard using a straight-edge ruler and an X-Acto knife.

2. Roughly plan out your design using a pencil, lightly marking an “x” where your holes will go. Keep in mind that you don’t want to puncture either half where you will be writing your note and the address, so keep your design limited to the middle and edges.

3. Punch holes in your “x”s where you will thread the yarn through.

4. Stitch your design!

5. Decorate the backs too, drawing lines for the address like on a postcard.

Recycled Card Postcards
If you’re like us, you’ve kept cards that friends have sent and that you have especially loved. This is the perfect way to reuse those cards!

1. Tear off the fronts of any cards you want to use (it’s okay if there is writing on the back because you won’t see the backside).

2. Working outdoors or in a well-ventilated room, spray one side of your cardboard piece with spray adhesive. This is a fast, smooth and strong adhesive method, and the cards will stay put through the mail.

3. Apply your cards to the sprayed cardboard, leaving room between them to cut out the cards. Let dry.

4. Once the glue is dry, use a straight-edge ruler and X-Acto knife to cut around the cards.

Stamped Postcards

Use any variety of stamps to say thank you, merci, gracias or grazie, or simply decorate the front and let your note do the thanking.

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