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diy project: astrology artwork

by Grace Bonney

Okay, I’m gonna level with you for a second: I’m probably one of the biggest astrology cynics I know. Not that I have any problem with other people following astrology or astrologists — it’s just not my cup of tea. But I happen to have a close friend and colleague (ahem, Amy) who cares about it deeply, so when I heard about this fun project from Erica at P.S. I Made This, I silenced my inner cynic and embraced Erica’s email as a sign (sorry, couldn’t resist) that I should share this with all of the other astrology fans out there.

After The Great Astrology Panic of 2011, I’ll admit that I was a bit saddened to think that I was no longer a Gemini but a Taurus (no offense to any Taureans out there). So this project served as a nice reminder that perhaps I’m not as cynical as I thought, since I think my sign actually fits my personality quite well. Whether you’re a fan of astrology or not, this fun DIY astrology artwork project is a great way to spend some free time or make a custom (Valentine’s Day?) gift for someone special in your life.

Thanks so much to Erica for sharing this with us. You can check out the rest of her craft-tastic site right here, along with her new book. xo, grace

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!


  • zodiac chart
  • card stock/poster board
  • awl or other hole-punch tool
  • bright string
  • artist tape
  • stapler
  • cardboard


1. Find your zodiac star symbol here.

2. Draw the astrological sign of your choice on the back of your card stock. Make dots at each point where you plan to punch your holes.

3. Punch holes at each of the main stars in the design using an awl (or use another tool to poke holes).

4. Thread string through the holes and connect the dots.

5. Tie knots and thread at each hole.

6. Tape down the loose ends of string on the back of the card stock.

7. Open stapler and staple in a circle to create surrounding stars. PS — Make sure you put the cardboard underneath the card stock everywhere you staple a star!

8. Mat and frame your zodiac artwork, or make into note cards, stationery and more!

PS — I thank my lucky stars that @astrologyzone, Susan Miller of Astrology Zone, completely inspired this DIY! — Erica

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  • So fun and such perfect timing~ I just received my birthday coupon from Anthropologie and it came in an awesome Aquarius fabric card holder similar to the inspiration pieces!

  • Actually, if you follow the Western astrology, which most of Americans do, then you’re still a Gemini, like me!

    • hi tara!

      well the good news was that most of us weren’t changing signs anyway- it only affects people born after 2001 i think? they corrected it right after the big hubub. i was born in 1981 so i’m still a gemini ;)


  • Great idea! I’m not crazy about astrology either but I do have an appreciation for constellations… Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  • 1980 non-astrology following Gemini checking in to say this project is sweet and reminds me of my absolute favorite constellation guide of all time … The Stars, by H.A. Rey (the same guy who created Curious George.) The string art looks just like his illustrations … *heart* it.

    Oh, and I might not follow astrology, but like you, Grace, I was a wee bit sad to find out I might not be a Gemini. Whew. That was close. Thank you, 1979 conception.

  • I did a tongue-in-cheek blog post about the astrology switch up… I’m also not that in to astrology, which made me chuckle at the whole crisis bit :) These DIY astrology projects are precious though!

  • i can’t wait to do this! i’m astrology obsessed. however, the “find your zodiak star symbol” link isn’t working. where should i go?

  • I agree about looking at astrology form a ” what sign am i” perspective, but a cute addition to this project would be to research the folklore, Greek myths and native American legends that represent the constellations in the sky. Writing on a little card and placing it next to the picture would explain the story and be very fitting!

  • Typical of a Gemini to say “I don’t like astrology”, then, “I was sad to have learned that I was no longer a Gemini.” :)

    I say that with affection! Great post!


  • constellations are legitimate and significant astronomical guideposts. theres no reason to correllate constellations with astrology to appreciate the wonders of the universe.

    • kally

      we’re coming to australia for the d*s book tour so i’m going do to my best to coordinate get togethers that are fun and informative when i’m there. i probably can’t throw a whole conference, but i can definitely orchestrate a biz ladies-type get together where info is shared :)


  • I’m totally with you on the getting upset bit. Not that I’m an astrology fan, but when you grow up at a time when Linda Goodman clearly made her furtune, you can’t help but get yourself to believe that you are a bit like your star sign. Naturally when I found out that I’m not the lazy Piscean that I always believed I am and am supposed to be a hardworking Aquarian, I was devastated… lol!

  • good gracious. astrologers will not be ‘correcting’ suns signs of people born after 2001.

    i find it a it disconcerting that so many people who admit they ‘arent fans of’ (e.g., have no real understanding of) astrology are commenting on it as if they do. Tropical (the common, western) astrology isnt based on the constellations – it’s based on the seasons.

    for more information about this issue, i suggest a read of this excellent, short column by well-respected astrologer, Jeff Jawer: http://www.stariq.com/pagetemplate/article.asp?PageID=10614.

  • Grace, I too was so saddened to lose my Gemini status, as it fit me just perfectly as well! Tauruses we are not!!

    Thank goodness for being born in the 80’s, huh?!

    Fun post, thanks for brightening up my days with your labor of love – d*s!

  • Just wanted to say I LOVE d*s . I am a new subscriber so after I saw the DIY I checked out her website P.S. I made it! Loved it all Thanks for sharing this!

  • I am an astronomer and I am always looking for new and creative ways to involve young people and get them excited about their Universe…this is a wonderful way to do that. Thanks for the idea!!!

  • Cool project. Check out StarArc.com for more formal astrology art based on geometric astrological aspects. They come in just about any color scheme or size you can imagine…

  • I’m a cynic too, but I do love astronomy! Maybe I’ll do one of a favorite constellations.
    Also, does anyone know where those awesome candlesticks came from? They’d be a good diy, but probably not one I’ll actually get around to doing..

  • Actually, I heard from someone that the sign only changed for people born this year and not for anyone born before now. Because the Earth is shifting NOW and it didn’t shift when we were born so we’re still the signs we once were. If this is true you should still be a gemini

  • I’m an astrology addict and a Taurus through and through, this is a great way to be proud of my sign! Can’t wait to play with the colors in mine.

  • Found this by chance and really want to give it a try! I’m confused about how you make the knots at each hole if the string is already occupied by connecting to the next hole. And where are those stray ends of string coming from on the back of the card stock? Are we talking several pieces of string, or just one continuous piece? Hope you see this, and thanks!