colorful + fun: pencil chimes!

Hola, adorable idea! While I don’t use pencils very much, I adore the look of colorful pencils and think they’re perfect for bringing a little color to your desktop. But illustrator and craft stylist Vanessa Boer has found an even better way to display them — in color fade mobiles that use rulers as their bases! Vanessa collects vintage pencils and rulers and turns them into “chimes” that she sells in her Etsy shop. I have a hard time resisting a good tonal fade like these greens and reds, so I’m hooked, but if you want to check out more images of these pieces, you can view (and shop) Vanessa’s collection online right here. Here’s a cheer for gently dangling pencils rather than the chewed-up versions that end up on the floor because of stress! xo, grace


What a great idea! I love the look of them – so colorful and bright with a nice pointy pencil tip! And the ruler as a base is a great touch! I’ll have to check out Vanessa’s shop – thanks for sharing!


these would make a fun DIY gift for kids to give to their teacher. thanks for sharing!

Iz bakinog ormara

As much as I like this visually and appreciate no only the concept, but also the handraftiness, I have a felling someone’s pulling my leg when I see it costs 100 USD! but as you tag it, it might be a nice DIY project.


oooh, that gives me new and exciting ideas on how spend the day at the office… :)

Katie Truelove

What a creative idea! Now if only I had been collecting vintage pencils for the past few years…guess I need to read the Organizing Your Home Office post first so I can find some space;)


Holy crapoly! $100…!? Definitely DIY or not at all. Sheesh!


These are so much fun! Love the use of the vintage rulers with advertising. I love the naive quality of these pieces, much like outsider art!


How do you tie those knots? I am attempting to do this now, but I can’t seem to get my beading wire knotted just as is. #KnotTieingProblems :(