before & after: sharon’s boutique

Get your pencils ready, everyone. There are enough great ideas in this shop design by designer and event planner Sharon Taylor to decorate ten stores. For the creation of the Missouri-based children’s boutique Jellybeans, Sharon not only sourced most of the materials at local flea markets and on eBay, but she also worked with local artisans, art students and others to completely transform this defunct shop space into the most fantastical and beautiful interior.

From a child’s perspective, this space is clearly heavenly, but I love that it is also an environment that adults can appreciate and enjoy. I think this is due to Sharon’s smart, sophisticated color palette and her modern graphic elements, not to mention her creative manipulation of antique furniture pieces. Overall this is such a stunning space. I wish I could step inside immediately and stay for hours. Amazing work, Sharon! — Kate

Photography by Nathalie Bearden. Mural Painting by Tara Wilson and Desiree Dixon.

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Sharon designed the playing card and commissioned a Drury University art student to paint it.

Sharon had all of the antique furniture pieces lacquered in high-gloss paint by a local artisan.


Oh my goodness. This is so spectacular. I am insanely in love with the map. And those blue chairs. *swoon*


oh, wow. I really love how she kind of reinvented not just the space, but the furnishings.

I like the reinterpreted color for the playing card, as well.

The delicate colors really make the whole space feel imaginative and special.

Just loved this post. : )


Wow… gorgeous! What a fun, bright and clean looking space. I love it! It’s got to be fun to design a children’s boutique.

For a look at another amazingly-designed baby boutique, check out Tweed’s blog, in Nashville:
So adorable, so Design*Sponge.

Heather Davidson

This is truly inspirational! I love how you included the before’s of the furniture in this post. To have the vision of the end product and see this bright, modern hues, it works so well together! Thanks for sharing this will us!


This is amazing! I love the chairs and the map wall. There are so many delightful details here, and it comes together beautifully!


This is a lot of fun; I love the map wall.The fact that she painted that beautiful wood chair makes me a little sad, though.


Oh my God. Those metal chairs made me gasp and babble incoherently to myself for a full minute. Where? Who? How much?
I’d been lusting a pair of upholstered ones that cost almost literally an arm and two legs, but never dreamed the equivalent in metalllll! Babbling again. Please? The questions.


Oh dear God this is stunning. I just adore everything about it. I won’t be a mother for a few years but I still gobble up every bit of children’s interior inspiration that I can find. I LOVE that playful green/blue/aqua hue that they painted all the furniture in.

Katie Stephenson

please clue us in on the hide. Is that a real cow hide painted and if so, how? I have a black hide in my daughter’s room that I’ve been dreaming of painting pink.


Unlike anything I have ever seen! The marshmallow peanut peach combined with the blue hues is the coolest!
Sharon Taylor you are genius!


i am in love with those colors… am in the process of sprucing up my home office with them :)


What an amazingly creative boutique! I love hop scotch board on the floor and the wall map…really imaginative stuff!


obsessed with the map on the wall! It would be so great in our guest room. We always have guests from far away and I would love for them to mark where they’re from!

sharon taylor

Thank you so much, Kate, for your kind words! And, thank you to all of the rest of you who left such nice comments. I found the amazing metal chairs from a local dealer who has been in the business for over 50 years, and she said she’d never seen anything like them. I know I never have either. The chandelier is from one of my favorite retro dealers…a place called Urban Market. Here, in Springfield, Mo, you’d be surprised at what you’d find at our wonderful flea markets. Great prices + Great finds.

Cowhide is not painted. Purchased it already blue.

Thanks Again!



those metal chairs are where its at… any info how the commoner can get their hands on some is greatly appreciated!


this makes me want to open my own store. i don’t know what i’d sell, but want one! haha! excellent job!


Wow! This is so beautiful. I love the color palette, there are so many great ideas that would translate perfectly to a nursery.


The whole space is just so perfectly Alice-in-Wonderland-y it makes me wanna… come over for tea? Or something :D

Gorgeous work.


OMG! This is definitely one of the shops that I cannot leave with empty hands!

I HAVE A QUESTION: I love that blue/mint colour! Anyone know which paint it is?


I love that bright aqua color in both of the chairs – so cheerful and uplifting!! What a transformation!

Kate Moore

Yay Missouri! Sometimes I feel like the only designs showcased out there on the Internet are from the coasts and Chicago. It’s refreshing to see little ol’ Springfield here!

sally smith

I’ve been in this darling store, and am proud to say I know the darling, creative designer. Full of fabulous-ness!


Holy cow, this is gorgeous! I’ve become a little more than obsessed with retail design lately, and this is simply stunning. I agree – those metal chairs are unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Connie Hardwick

This is my first visit to Design Sponge, and I am totally blown away! I want to run out and buy up all of the spray paint in town and CREATE! I’m soooooo happy that I found you.


thanks connie!

welcome to the site, hope you enjoy the before & afters :) we’re launching a re-design soon and they’ll be much easier to search by theme.


Ashley Cooper

These are such cleaver make overs. I love the retail boutique! I love that map that simply starts on the walls and continues down to the floor.


very cool! amazing sense of colour and I wanna have a playing card fake rug thing too!

Feng Shui Design

The use of shape and color is absolutely inspirational. Whether it is to get landscape design or interior design I find a lot of new ideas from commercial designers as they often have a different and fresher approach

pamela forman

I have a set of four of those fantabulous metal chairs!! Found them on Craigslist last spring and bought for a b-day present o myslef – always called them my “Alice in Wonderland” chairs – these are the only other ones i have ever seen – i think they are from the 60s – i just LOVE mine!


WOW! It’s such a perfect design for kids. Minimalistic yet very fun and imaginative. Great work!


Please tell me that’s not the Taj Mahal in Saudi Arabia, in the room with the map..


Where in the hell did you get those amazing iron chairs??