before & after: jessica’s craft station + jason’s tin can(dle)

I’ve seen some very clever repurpose ideas before, but I’ve never seen such a great use of a slatted headboard. This double-duty makeover from Jessica makes such good use of wall space, which I too often forget to use when trying to plan storage. I love the simple hardware that she’s added to the headboard to hold rolled paper and twine, and the bright turquoise shelves within the cabinet are the perfect accent. This is such a smart reuse of these old pieces, and it’s definitely inspiring me to put together a work station of my own. Great work, Jessica! — Kate

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This super clever tin can transformation is one of very few Before & Afters we’ve received that requires no other materials. A designer for over ten years, Jason is no stranger to reinventing simple objects, and this tin can is no exception. There’s something so luxe about the texture and shape of this votive; I would never guess that rusted tin could look that good. I think I have some dented cans in my pantry that have a second shot at daylight, thanks to this project. Great idea, Jason!


My grandfather would make little “gumdrop trees” out of old
cans. The bottom was the base and he would somehow make it look
like a small Christmas tree by cutting very thin strips of the can
into little branches. Then he would poke gumdrops on the tops of
each branch. I am going to have to look and see if I still have
one. I hope my mom does.


Just wanted to say I read your blog daily, but I look
forward to the Before and After posts every week!!! Thank you for
keeping me inspired!

jacaranda Designs

Gosh, I feel very inspired looking at how others have
transformed these objects. I am going to look around my home for
items that I can “redo” although I’m not sure they’ll look nearly
as good as these!

Jen C.

Yes, the can idea is brilliant! Who knew that it could look
so great?


Now those are some amazing transformations. The tin can candle holders are unbelievable. I wonder how long it takes him to make them. Great use of a headboard.


Love the craft station. Now that my daughters’ drop-side crib has been banned for use, I’ve wondered how I might repurpose it. The slatted sides would make a great craft station!


I love before and afters the best! I look forward to them every week.

btw the dresser looks awesome :)


Yes I agree with all – that tin can votive is excellent.
Think of all the colours you could paint the tin – as well as adding beading or something similar.
A great starting point for sure.
I checked out Jason’s website and he has some great ideas, but no tutorials, sadly that I could find.


That sideboard piece made over is exactly the type of project I would love to do for use in our sunroom. Love the turquoise shelves….makes me smile. Love also how you’ve really made those pieces work for your needs.

Sarah Ives

I can honestly say that I will not look at headboards in the same way. I love the design of the paper rack. Fabulous and creative! Do you know the size? Full possibly?


Amazing idea with the can! I’d use those in a party in a minute, major fabulous.


I love that votive too. There are more great stuff on his website as well. I guess there’s no tutorial because he teaches at creative workshops himself. See if you can get in on one of his workshops.

jason taylor

Thanks for all the nice comments.. made my day! i’ve been addicted to transforming tin cans for awhile along with other readymades.. i’m having a think about tutorial…as i do sell them. This one took awhile to develop without any other parts, oh and its on Etsy :)


woooow, this cabinet is so cool! i’m in the proces of finding some practical solution for my working space/bedroom/living room/soon a new baby moving in room ;)
thanks for inspiration :)


I love the way some of the dresser drawers were taken out and shelves created. what did you use to make them shelves? just plywood painted?


What an amazing transformation of the dresser!! I would love to paint my wooden varnished dresser, but don’t know where to start!! Can anyone point me in the right direction please!