before & after: carey’s home redesign

I enjoyed browsing the images of this Austin, Texas, home designed by architect Carey Dodson. As I was clicking through, I realized that I really didn’t want them to end. Carey has so many great ideas here for creating a modern and effortless sense of style. There’s the abundance of warm wood and white, which is always a success in my book. But it’s the more surprising elements — the gilded mirror in the bathroom, the coral-colored sofa and the sliding chalkboard door panel — that really drew me in to this lovely space. Fantastic transformation, Carey! — Kate

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wow! in love with this transformation. love how suddenly there is so much light coming in. where is the sofa bed from?


I absolutely love the first transformation photos. The contrast of the warm wood paneling and the pale blue sofa is beautiful. The starburst clock and the cool red trailer print don’t hurt either!


I’m looking for a sliding door track system like the one about (on the outside of the wall).. anyone know where to look?


I mean, it’s okay, I guess. Not knocking my socks off or anything.


has anyone ever seen that one Seinfeld episode where Jerry gets a kitchen reno??? I’m a mid-century modern freak and love the inside of the kitchen and the other rooms of the house. The outside of the kitchen however…

I think I could get over the “wrap-around wood corner” if maybe a large painting or mirror was hung in that open space. Overall, I love it but I think that area needs something…

Emilie R.

Wow! This is so nicely done. It looks modern but still feels warm and welcoming.

Sarah {Daily Design Inspiration}

Wow! I love how the kitchen became it’s won room within a room. I would love to do this with any space—a little like those children’s bunk beds that become a in-door playhouse—I always wanted one of those. :)


I love it too! It is so much like what my house could look like (I live in Austin) if I had any money. Just beautiful.


Omg, that comment by Becky is HILARIOUS. I agree with everything she said. A painting (or anything) would really help that awkward exterior corner of the kitchen.

They really did a lovely job. Such an inspiring renovation!


nice. where did you get the book cabinet behind the eames lounge?


Love it, but I’d really like to see what the ourside of the house looks like.


Beautiful! I have a similar chalkboard door and we love it…currently, it displays our “House Rules”. But the message changes frequently and my boys love to color while I make dinner.


Is that walnut throughout the house? Kitchen, bathroom, TV stand? I’m wondering if that’s veneer or solid wood. I want a walnut vanity in my bathroom but I think it’s pretty pricey. Wondering if this is all custom. Any info on that would be great.


Hatch Show Print posters keep popping up. Love it! I also love that humongous blackboard. I had one that covered a wall when I was a kid.


Ohhhhh that bathroom was hideous before! But it looks great now. So does everything else! I love the abundance of light.


I would love to know the source for the track door with the ABC’s on it…need one for our bathroom. Well done!!


Love it! Would love to know where the yellow chandelier is from.


I love BEFORE-and-AFTERs. Especially when the change is so dramatic, like with the bathroom shown here. We’re going through something similar at our house–thank you for the inspiration!


The sliding/barn door hardware can be found a couple of places. One being Home Depot/Lowes. You can also source from Hafele, who has just about any hardware you could ever imagine needing. There is also, who has a nice selection.

Carey Dodson

Thanks for all the great feedback! The barn door hardware is something pretty standard like a McMaster-Carr roller track and we painted it to match the walls. All the wood cabinetry is custom walnut cabinetry, including the TV cab and is done by my favorite austin millwork shop, Chris Honea is a rock star. Since this photo, there now is a a great photo on the “wrap-around wood corner” shot by one of the home owners, Dave Mead. The yellow chandelier came with the house and we painted it. The owners will know more on the couch specifics.


Where did you get the daybed? I think renovation is really lovely! Enjoy!


I love before and after photos and these are wonderful :) I especially love the first set! And I really love that blue couch!!!


all around amazing and inspiring renos!
wish my bathroom had space for a little stool hair/makeup area. very sweet!


Love the before-and-afters, but would it kill someone to take the photos at remotely similar angles? I want to be inspired by the upgrades, not confused.


open, light, beautiful redesign of the space! wish everyone could see the outdoor room carey designed for our daugher and son-in-law in south austin. kudos, carey!

Carey Dodson

The coral fold down couch is from Urban Outfitters. Still determining the baby blue sofa….will post once I find the answer.


I love it all!! Also love your site Carey! I am working on a remodel myself and I freaked when I saw the railing….can you tell where you found it?


Maybe I’m just behind, but what’s the source of the sculptural fruit “bowl”? I must have it.

Andrea T

We recently opened up our kitchen and there is such thing as “too open” for my messy cooking style. This is a lovely innovative way of opening up the space, yet providing some separation. Love it!

Carey Dodson

Hi Chelsey, We designed it and had it custom made by a local steel guy in Austin whose name has left my brain at the moment. Carey


Thanks Carey, I love it and have been looking to do something with metal. As a former Austinite-makes me sad I am no longer living there. Who am I kidding, I miss it everyday!


Beautiful, beautiful home! I would love to know what type of FLOR tiles you used in the picture with the reddish couch.

Carey Dodson

Neko, I believe it was the Flats and Cords line of FLOR.

Thanks again everyone for the great feedback! Feel free to follow Dodson Design: architecture+interiors on fb.

Natalie R.

This is a really beutiful renovation, great colours, and elements. (But i don’t like the cow leather carpet – after all the good she gave us, why step on her?)


Beautiful transformation, and am working on the same kind of project, especially regarding the bathroom. What did you eliminate in that bathroom; the shower or the toilet? It now looks like a spa…Cudos!

Feng Shui Design

Absolutely love the ideas of having chalk boards incorporated in a home. It adds to peoples creativity as seen here on one of the pictures where a sliding door is turned into a chalk board.