year of nesting calendar

When it comes to calendars, I tend to enjoy both extremes: those purely about function (it doesn’t get more practical than this bad boy) and those that turn calendars into a piece of artwork. This new calendar from Kim at The Wild Unknown falls into the second category and feels like a beautiful art print that happens to have the added bonus of being a calendar. Each of Kim’s 18″ x 24″ calendars are silkscreened, hand-watercolored and packaged as part of a very limited edition of 100. If you’re looking for something that’s beautiful and functional for next year, click here to pick up a calendar for $60. xo, grace


I’d like to see some beautiful calendars that also have big squares in which you can write down appointments.


i love this. wish i could add it somehow to my baby registry. how perfect a gift this would be for new parents!