weekly wrap up + festival wallpaper

Hi Guys! I’m wrapping thing up for the day (literally) by trying to get my gift shopping and mailing done. The holidays always sneak up on me and this year is no exception. I’m going to be tying bows and going through tape like crazy this weekend, so I’ll see you all again on Monday with a new round of gift guides and much, much more. Until then, I wanted to end today with this fun new wallpaper from Mini Moderns. “Festival” was inspired by the 1951 Festival of Britain and has a whimsical feel that would be perfect for little ones and adults alike. The wallpaper is launching today at an event in London, so it will be available to buy online this coming Monday. If you’re interested in picking up a roll ($78 per 32-ft. roll), you can grab one right here next week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you Monday! Below is a summary of this week’s highlights. xo, grace

*P.S.: If you’re in NYC I can’t recommend the Martha Stewart Craft Fair (this Saturday 10-6) more highly. I’ll be there with bells on for sure.

Michelle Engel Bencsko

I have been actively searching and patiently waiting for the right wallpaper to cross my path for months now… and this is IT!! It will look perfect in my little back door area.

Erin from NC

The phone! I LOVE the phone! Why aren’t there more modern reproductions of beautiful things like that??

ann dillon

Love wallpaper and this style and pattern is interesting enough not to get tired of….thinking I can wash wallpaper easier than walls…must be in a cleaning mod.


Thanks for the feature! The wallpaper is our celebration of 60th anniversary of festival of Britain- watch the movie grace has linked to and you can see the buildings and pavilluons featured.
Btw the phone is our friends she has had it for about 20 years. Not sure where she got it. Think it’s European 50’s- not sure we had them in uk. I had never seen one before. Festival is also available in bunting red and blue and stone and harvest orange
Keith at mini moderns


You’re so on top of things! I have yet to think about Xmas gifts and I only placed my order for Xmas cards today. This is awesome inspiration!