weekly wrap up + brie harrison pillows + lavish!

Whew! It has been a crazy week full of holiday projects and gift guides and tonight, Amy and I are hopping on a plane to Atlanta to speak at this weekend’s Lavish conference (our panels are at 11am on Saturday and 9am Sunday). I hope we run into some of you down there! We’ll also be in Savannah after the conference for a quick trip so if you’re in town this weekend, say hi on Twitter and we’ll see if anyone’s up for a little night out or a drinks meet-up. But before I drive to my own personal hell (otherwise know as LaGuardia Airport), I wanted to wrap up the week with something cheery and bright: Brie Harrison’s new pillow line!

We first met Brie back in 2008 when we got a tour of her lovely London home. I’ve been following her textile design work ever since and was excited to hear that she has launched a new collection! Brie’s new series includes cushions in three new patterns: Daffodil, Folk Flower and Vintage Rose. They’re a perfect combination of retro and modern so if you’re looking for something to brighten up a cold winter day, these are just the ticket. Click here for more information and to shop ($85 each) online.

I’m heading off to the airport, so I’ll see you back here on Monday with AC’s third-annualGift Guide for Guys!” xo, grace

Photographs above by Charlotte Schreiber

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights


that is my dream couch….I have been searching for one like this forever…any idea where it’s from?


Sigh- how I want a gray mod couch. There are actually some really cute gray mod-looking arm chairs at Target right now.


my daughter was on the plane to atlanta with you..she alerted me by text to her celebrity sighting…thought you’d get a kick outta her excitement.

Samhain Moon

I’ve always wanted to design patterns of my own and I have SO MANY ideas… but work keeps me too occupied to follow that dream. These are lovely!

sallie kate

Diggin’ those cute pillows~
I can always count on DS as my hub of design information–where to look for great stuff. Thanks!


Love these prints but cannot afford the price of the pillows. Any chance to buy the material by the yard and make myself? Will this make it less pricy?