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sneak peek: joel fitzpatrick

by anne

If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, you’re probably familiar with the man behind this sneak peek without even knowing it. Joel Fitzpatrick appears in the first few pages of the book, cited as a key visionary in helping bring the Hush Puppies brand back to life. Joel is an entrepreneur, artist, fashion designer, lighting designer, interior designer and sculptor. These days he’s designing his own line of homewares, so it feels extra special to get an insider look into the home/office where this all takes place. Thanks, Joel! — Anne

Image above: This is one of my favorite pieces of art. It’s a Maurizio Cattelan photograph of a swami who buried himself in sand for hours at a time. It is paired with one of my signature black and white carpets that I have been putting in all of my projects these days.

Image above: I have twenty of my red light-box paintings in my living room and a De Kooning that is theatrically lit over the fireplace. These Corbusier Mies van der Rohe chairs’ colors are straight from the 70s.

Image above: My fourth floor bedroom feels like a sanctuary. It has an airy but nautical feeling at the same time.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Joel’s house tour after the jump!

Image above: My KIND Organic Turkish Towels and Pitchfork-Geo Jacquard Towel from my Home Collection.

Image above: These cobalt blue lights emanate from below, while a red exit light glows to light the stairway to the basement.

Image above: Glass insulator chandelier lit with LEDs cascades through all four floors of the brownstone.

Image above: I love this bedspread that looks like an old tapestry but is a print combined with the chandelier and modern art: a roller-skater praying to the porcelain gods at the Roxy.

Image above: Antique kitchen cabinetry with minimalist display and splashes of color. Updated by built-in fluorescent lighting.

Image above: This is a butcher-block tabletop made from end-grain teak that is one of my favorite materials to use in kitchens. (I recently designed a kitchen made from Vermont Barnwood and teak butcher block.)

Image above: Alexander Calder tapestry with cascade chandelier.

Image above: Architecture and interior design studio on the third floor with Missoni fabric swatches on the wall.

Image above: Kitesurfing and bow ties. California and New York lifestyle.

Image above: Street view of house and office. You can see our Chrysler Tree shining from the window along with my Backlit series.

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  • This is gorgeous: I love the mix of styles, just one thing dorky furniture thing though, those chairs are Mies Van der Rohe not Le Corbusier.

  • Nothing can detract from the beauty of your home. One small point, however. I think the living room chairs are the famous Barcelona chairs designed by Mies van der Rohe.

  • sorry, mistake attributions are a pet-peeve of mine- those are the Barcelona chairs by Mies Van der Rohe in the second photo- not Le Corbusier!

  • This home is stunning – have been wondering how to mesh modern design and colour with an older home and you do it beautifully. Thank you, Joel.

  • Last time I was in New York I walked by this place at night and was mesmerized by the wall of red light boxes glowing through the window; I wondered what on earth sort of installation that was, and who lived there— now I know!!! Totally inspiring home! Thanks for sharing!

  • Beautiful textiles and home! I just can’t look at these places without thinking about how much MONEY alll that cost! I know, I know…such a party-pooper ;)

  • Gorg. I rarely dig such a stark juxtaposition of styles, but in this case, it just works. Bravo!

  • That orange towel is gorgeous. The texture and pattern and fabulous rich color … never thought I’d fall head over heels in love with a towel before!!! Sets off the sharp white of the bathroom nicely. I’m not a fan of teeny tiny tiles on the floor. They always tend to lend a rather cold and unwelcoming feel. But strangely that towel connects things together. Nicely done.

  • In love with these places. Incredible detailing. Barcelona chairs from the 70s are better than the newer ones; the way they are made and the leather. If you can find them: grab them and hold on to them.