simply color: dave alhadeff

Who would have thought that pink walls could look so cool?! If anyone can pull it off, it’s Dave Alhadeff of The Future Perfect — his taste is impeccable! Dave has a hip, eclectic mix of furniture and décor in his Brooklyn home. The colors are bold and brilliant. Check out the rest here. (Photographs by Jonny Valiant.) — Lauren

A. Royal Garnet (Valspar), PMS 504; B. Flame (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 1655; C. Flower Girl (Valspar), PMS 183; D. Gentle Rain (Behr), PMS Cool Gray 3; E. Sweet Mustard (Valspar), PMS 113

1. Antique Serrated Diamonds Navajo Rug, $82; 2. Antique Hand-Colored Lithograph, $20; 3. One-Of-A-Kind Fobot, prices vary; 4. Book Table Light, $210; 5. Vintage Plastic Sign Letter, $18; 6. Ursa Minor, $85; 7. Paxton Wall Shelf, $39+; 8. LED Alarm Clock, $80


That pink looks great–but it’s definitely helped by the other colors in the room. I love those lithograph prints!


Oh my goodness. I just finished a weekend painting accent walls in my dining room color A (eggplant-ish?) and a nearby door color C (bold pink). Gray and yellow are also plentiful in the space…but I thought I had made a huge mistake until I put a bright red chair (B) in front of the deep eggplant walls…That was the color that helped me feel better about convincing my husband to help me :). Thank you for posting this! It gives me more confidence in my own project. Dave Alhadeff certainly makes this combo shine; maybe I can too!


Love the pink walls but I can’t help but notice how the bedside table is arranged – simply beautiful!


I always find this column so inspiring for web and graphic design projects. This color palette is especially awesome!

Emily Rae

I’m stuck in a bright pink room right now, and instead of ignoring it (which clearly visitors do not) I’ve recently decided to embrace it! this post gives me lots of inspiration.


I’m so positive that I’ve seen that pink bedroom in the Apartment Therapy Small Cool book. Am I imagining things?


While the pink is interesting to look at online, and for a moment, I couldn’t live in it…it’s too close to Pepto-Bismol. Not something I’d want to look at every day. In fact my moment is already up.


I love the zig-zag blanket. I have been working on a similar one for a few months now, but in different colors. By the colors used in that one, I would guess that it is vintage.


The first flat I lived in in Scotland had a bright fushia kitchen. At first we weren’t sure about it, but after about a week we loved it and found it inspiring! Who would’ve thought? My next kitchen will most definitely be hot pink. This room is gorgeous!