piet hein eek scrapwood wallpaper

This weekend, someone asked me an interesting question at my Formspring account: If you could do anything to your home with an unlimited budget, but could only do one thing, what would it be and why? My first thought was “floors!” but then I imagined how nice it would be to knock out the walls between our railroad-style rooms so we had more open space and natural light. That ended up being my final answer, but I spent the rest of the day thinking about what I would do with all those walls. After daydreaming about different options, I settled on wanting an entire wall covered in scrap wood, like the walls of one of my favorite floral shops, Saipua.

I’ve always loved that cabin feel for an interior space, but I can’t really see myself installing all that wood on my own. I can, however, see myself installing this beautiful wallpaper from Piet Hein Eek that mimics the look perfectly. It may not have the full dimensionality of real scrap wood, but Piet’s faux-wood wallpaper has the same warm, rustic feel that wood brings to a room. You can order a 30-foot roll of Piet’s wallpaper right here (in six different styles) for $226. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it would be perfect for a small space or — my favorite — as wallpaper in the interior of a closet. (Thanks, Annetje, for the tip!) xo, grace

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CLICK HERE for more images of Piet’s wallpaper after the jump!


How cool!! I wonder if they have samples. As a food photographer this would be Amazing For aesthetics!


Pricey for one roll, but worth it!
These would be great for photo-shoots, used as a temporary backdrop.


To each his own…..I cant tell you how many hours I spent scraping fake wood wallpaper off. It seems every house I’ve ever had had fake wood something….walls, paneling, floors……I want the REAL thing.


Oh my goodness, I’d love to paper my entire house in these!! I still feel tearful when I think that the people who “renovated” our 100 year old farmhouse before us, took down ceilings and shutters that looked JUST LIKE THAT PAPER!!!!!!!

ann dillon

I like them alot…would be cool to do cut outs and have the paint on the wall show thru…Thanks for finding this!


I’m with Bette on this one. It also signifies the point in which the trend becomes fad. I think this would be great for all sorts of other projects, though. Just not wallpaper.


Not only the wallpaper is great. Piet Hein Eek makes the best furniture! All made of wood. I’m dreaming of one of his tables. Made of driftwood/scrapwood.


This looks awesome in photos, but I wonder how it would look in person. It seems like it would be best in very small doses.

Emily Rae

“Railroad-style rooms”? — ? Rooms end-to-end like railroad cars?
I really like the look of varnished chipboard.


I’m now feeling very proud of myself. I don’t have a very good decorating sense but we are finishing out our basement and I just finished one smaller wall with 100 year old white oak flooring (dark grey’s and browns) out of an old furniture warehouse (reclaimed by a company in Portland OR). It runs vertically so it makes the ceiling seem higher than it is. Everyone I told of my plan looked at me sideways but now all agree that it looks so great. Floors go in tomorrow. Can’t wait to move in!


Incredible. And the attention to detail where the label is part of the design very very nice. Love the blue distressed wood. Great concept beautifully produced. Love it.


If I was ever going to spend over $200 on ONE ROLL of wallpaper, I sure as heck wouldn’t put it inside a closet!

Interesting product, but I would hope it had a matte finish.


This wallpaper is amazing. It can be really hard to find beautiful pieces of reclaimed painted wood, this will be a great substitute if that is an issue… Thanks Grace!

Brittany Solarz

Oh I asked that question.

Glad I could inspire you to do a post about this wallpaper. It’s gorgeous. :)