merry christmas: downloadable holiday tags

I’m still riding the high from this weekend’s holiday DIY classes at the Brooklyn Flea. The lovely ladies of Twig Terrariums and our own Amy Merrick did a fantastic job, and everyone who came made such beautiful things. I can’t wait to do some more DIY events after the holiday, but in the meantime, I wanted to pass on some holiday cheer with these beautiful holiday tags that Julia Rothman designed for the classes.

It’s always such a treat to work with Julia‘s illustrations, so I was thrilled when she offered to share them with everyone today! All you have to do is download and print them, and you’re ready for some seriously stylish gifts. If you have sticker paper, you can easily use these to create adhesive labels for your gifts, or you can use them in paper-form and attach them with ribbons. Either way, they’re bound to make a pretty package. Thanks to Julia for creating these and sharing them with everyone today. And a big thank you to Amy Merrick, Twig Terrariums, the Brooklyn Flea and everyone who came out this weekend to celebrate and craft with us. xo, grace

CLICK HERE to download the tags!

Molly Payne-Hardin

WE get the Rothman tags too?! Really?! Wheeeeeeeee!!! Thanks, D*S!!! And Ms. Rothman!! Molly in Florida


Wreath class was awesome! And best of all, a totally affordable price. Would love to see more classes like this!

Chloe C

Thank you!
They are lovely and we will use them. Going to visit
housewrenstudio now.


Thank you so much for these! I’ve just printed them onto some sticker sheets and started attacking the next round of gift wrapping!


It’s Dec. 30 and I am downloading for next year–these are so cool.
T. U.


Thanks so much for the gift tags. Wish I lived closer and could’ve attended the Brooklyn Flea!


Thank you SO much! My daughters & I appreciate all the work you did to make our holidays easier! Many Blessings!

Jaimee Gelzinis

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Maybe I’m ignorant – but I cannot figure out HOW TO PRINT THE CHRISTMAS LABELS!

karen tomkins

thankyou,after several attempts to print tags on other sites,with no success,finally yours worked.beautiful designs,thanks again x


The color and designs are absolutely adorable! Thank you super much!


They are adorable and have made my gifting so much easier

Jamie Hasnen

Thank you for the tags. I am getting an edible ink printer for christmass and plan to use these to on sugar cookies.


Hi, thanks for posting these tags. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!