living in: metropolitan


Would it be sacrilege against all of the classics to call Metropolitan my favorite holiday movie? The holidays function as nothing more than a glittery backdrop in this film, so maybe we can call it my favorite non-holiday holiday movie. Metropolitan is a 1990s Gossip Girl for the intellectual crowd. It follows a group of privileged upper-East Siders as they navigate debutant balls, existential philosophy of the bourgeoisie and a mean game of strip poker.

1. Anibel Candle Sconce, $224; 2. Seiko Dress Watch, $138; 3. Antique Gold and White Teapot, $175; 4. Kate Spade Bow Ring, $75; 5. Wayne Cooper Ruffle Party Dress, $549; 6. J. Crew Glitterati Clutch, $59; 7. Vintage Chanel Pearl Earrings, $836; 8. Sure Shine Heels, $49; 9. French Theater Tufted Chair, $399; 10. Holiday Wreath, $128

While uptown snobbery is best kept to a minimum during daylight hours, a little dash of blue-blood chic never hurt a holiday soiree. Metropolitan is like The Preppy Handbook come to life at Christmas — hilarious, witty and at times, painfully privileged. Jane Austen-reading girls in poofy dresses with pearls, and boys in sharp tuxes waltz into the wee hours of the Manhattan night, and gosh, just once I’d like to raise a glass in such company. — Amy M.

1. Rosehip Garland, $42; 2. Vintage English Top Hat, $150; 3. Ribbon Buckle Belt, $48; 4. Topshop Tux Jacket, $135; 5. Stainless-Steel Server Set, $32; 6. Champagne Bucket, $29; 7. Vintage Silver Dome, $42; 8. Mansfield Park, $8; 9. Pearl Glam Necklace, $39; 10. Moet & Chandon Champagne, $34


This is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies. Whit Stillman is a genius and I am so happy to see one of his films featured. If you haven’t seen his others (particularly Last Days of Disco), you should definitely watch them. In fact, he has a new one coming out soon: Damsels in Distress. I can’t wait!


I LOVE this film! Chris Eigeman is simply amazing (see Noah Baumbach’s Kicking and Screaming for further proof)


I’d never really thought of this as a holiday movie, but now that you mention it, it really is.

I love the Kate Spade bow ring.


how funny, i literally JUST rented this movie from the library… have never seen it, but figured a criterion collection movie must be worth watching!

emerson merrick

Yay! So so happy you guys are fans. It really is the smartest little movie. If you haven’t seen it, please do and start referring to things as “tiresome” in my honor.


Thank you for writing a post about this movie. I never realized it was the same person behind Last Days of Disco, totally makes sense. This movie is chic, smart and a little dark. Inspiring!


My cousin played Charlie Black in the movie, which is only one of many reasons I love this (these) films.


Oh my goodness, I just rewatched this the other day to troll for holiday design ideas. Thank you for reading my mind!!


AAAH! This is one of my favourite movies ever! Which makes this my favourite “Living In.” Thanks for making my day.


I always watch this movie around Christmas. Hope this post turns more people on to Whit Stillman.


Oh! My favourite movie ever. His trilogy is superb – Last Days of Disco and Barcelona, plus Metropolitan.
Thrilled to hear he’s got a new movie coming out.
Thanks DS for featuring this one.

Janelle Zara

Ah i have that topshop tux jacket. it’s wonderful. Amy, have you ever thought of doing one for An Education? that would be lovely!


Wow! I haven’t heard that movie mentioned in years. It wasn’t a box office hit but I remember a friend of mind recomending it.

Ricardo Martinez

I love what you do, moreso now that you feature one of my favorite films. Whit Stillman is like a modern day Jane Austen, but male. He is a genius!


This is my all-time favorite movie that no one’s ever heard
of! Thank you for posting this. :)


Huh, I’m surprised everyone likes this movie. We rented it and found it almost unwatchable. The dialogue is really repetitive and navel-gazing, but not at all entertaining or “ha ha, look at them” funny. Not sure why we had such a different reaction than all of you.


My husband would agree with you, and no it’s definitely not sacrilege. It’s a movie that we watch every Christmas.