hand printed gift wrap

Few things can beat handmade gift-wrapping. It may not have the perfect lines or super-crisp edges that come with machine-made paper, but it’s overflowing with the sort of love and character that can only come from something that’s handmade. This hand-screenprinted wrapping paper from Darbie at Field Guide Design on Etsy caught my eye this weekend, and I thought it would be perfect for anyone looking for a slightly less expected wrapping look this year. Bold, colorful and made from beautiful wood blocks, Darbie’s designs will bring all the color you need for gift-wrapping with the added beauty of Indian woodblock patterns. You can pick up sheets of her paper right here ($10 for 2 sheets). Happy wrapping! xo, grace

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these are really gorgeous, reminds me of good ole’ potato stamping… although far, far prettier :)


It’s great to see someone actually use the old printing blocks. I just ordered a supply for my shop and can’t wait to see them. Thanks for the tip!


Just got turned onto your website by our friend Cat Thrasher and this post was so inspiring. Both Tristan and I are designing some pattern prints for gift wrapping paper and it’s awesome to see what was done with both blocks and silkscreening.
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