d*s scholarship UPDATE: voting begins friday

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for the additional delay but after narrowing the applicants from 650 down to 60 I had to request some additional information from the applicants to help in my editing. Because some of the students are across the world, they needed a bit of extra time to gather images and information. So tomorrow the top finalists in both categories (graduate and undergraduate) will be announced and voting will begin. My apologies for the delay, but this was such a difficult decision I wanted to be fair to the students, and you (the voters), by getting as much information as possible to make an educated decision. So get your voting hats on, we head to the polls tomorrow!* xo, grace

*I’ve already drafted half of my choices so I promise there will NOT be any additional delays.


Is it safe to assume that if we didn’t get an email, we’re not a finalist?


Hahah. I have the same doubt that Jay… If I did not received an e-mail, then I should not be a finalist :(((


Sometimes you really need something…but you just don’t get it. What’s $50k in debt? Life goes on, right? : /



i’m afraid those that made the semifinals all received emails. so yes, sadly no email equals not a semi-finalist. i am narrowing from that list so everyone who received an email isn’t necessarily in the final 20 or so.