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diy project: vintage postcard calendar journal

by Kate Pruitt

Growing up, I kept a daily journal. I always enjoyed looking back at previous entries to see what had changed over the course of a year. These days, I can’t seem to find the time to journal, but I do try to jot down a little note from each day on my perpetual calendar/journal. The idea is very simple — flip to the current date and at the end of the day, write down something that happened. Some days it is big things like “Annie took her first steps.” Other days it is small, like “needed more than one cup of coffee this morning.”

The first year is the least rewarding, but I imagine that in 10 years, it will be a daily treat to be reminded of what happened on that date over the last decade. I think these would make great gifts this season, not only for adults but also for older kids, baby showers, retirement parties, wedding showers and more. Enjoy! — Ashley

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I’m always trying to give new life to things I can’t pass up at flea markets. Vintage postcards can be found at most flea markets and antique stores. The colors are often beautifully faded. I didn’t mind trimming them, as they’d be enjoyed more in this gift than they would be tucked away in a box at the flea market! You could customize yours numerous ways to fit your taste. Though stamping the dates looks like a long process, it actually took about an hour to complete this entire project.


  • fruit box and 12 postcards found at flea markets (my box was $1.00, postcards $1.00 or less each)
  • 180 4 x 6″ lined index cards
  • date stamp
  • paper cutter (or scissors)
  • twine (for gift wrapping)


1. Cut index cards in half.

2. Stamp the month and date on each card. This step took a little under five minutes per month.

3. Trim postcards to the same width of the cut index cards and just a bit longer than the index cards.

4. Organize postcards by date, dividing each month with the postcards.


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  • What a cute idea!!!
    I love it!
    Everything about it says – creative, green and so very thoughtful. I love the presentation, too.
    And the gift tag is so lovely…

  • looove it!! beautiful idea!! I’d love to make this for christmas to my busy and creative friends! (any particular place where I can find fruit boxes?)
    thank you ashley!

  • This is so creative and inventive, and personal! I love how sweet this is – if giving as a gift, you could write something on some of the days too. Love it!

  • Such a lovely idea. I have some vintage wallpaper scraps that I will mount on card and use instead of postcards. Thank you.

  • I love this idea. I used to journal long ago but I gave it up because it was time consuming and when I’m in bed at the end of the day, I want to sleep! This definitely encourages to try to start jotting down little notes about our day!

  • What a meaningful project!

    This reminds me that a friend’s mom had a big notepad on her fridge where she noted every dinner they ever had. It was fun as a teen to look back through their childhood that way, even while I thought the mom was a little nuts. Now, as a mom, I totally get it.

  • I love this idea! What a great way to use and treasure your postcards as well as keep track of all of your notes! It would be quite lovely to make a version for your Valentine this coming February! Very cute!

  • Wow! What a lovely and memory-filled idea. I used to journal. Then I got a life. (ha). Maybe I can do this to remember the small moments of life and my marriage to my best friend!

  • Love this! Would like to make them for my mom friends in my neighborhood & as hostess gifts. Any ideas for alternatives to postcards & fruit baskets? Thinking I will need to make 8 of these. Great idea!!

  • i love this idea! i stopped journaling because storing the filled up journals took up too much room… i’m totally going to do this!

  • Too cute.. I’ve been saving my planner books over the last few years,, they’re covered in scribbles, notes, and reminders so its neat to flip through them but they’re pretty ugly to have around. Maybe I’ll transfer them to a card catalog like this :)

  • That is soooooo precious! What an awesome idea…I know what I am going to make for my mom! Ashley Ann you are an inspiration!!!

  • I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said already, but it seemed unfair to not note another persons delight with this diy. Well done to all involved!

  • I think I will have to make this but change the post cards to pictures that I already have for the different season/ months and a photo box. But due to other DIY projects this will have to wait until the new year.

  • Ashley, this is great! Love it like everyone else. :) I have a ton of vintage postcards sitting in a keepsake box from our wedding- we used them as the “sign in book”… now you’ve give me one idea to put them to use.

  • I will do this adorable box for myself and my family for the New Year and I plan to use some of those great postcards I get sent from other people’s holidays all year round and which clutter my noticeboard!!
    Great idea, thanks!!!!!!

  • This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I’ve been scratching my head over some new, vintage postcards (what possessed me? how will i ever be worthy of them?). This would also make a great recipe box

  • Awesome idea! I keep all of my calendars bc I love knowing “on this day last year….” even if it’s something completely pointless like getting my oil changed or something. I tend to remember the random but can’t make a point to journal the big deals. This is a perfect medium! I’m doing this for myself ASAP so I can start it Jan. 1. Thx for the superb idea. (Plus, I can use my vintage album covers…)

  • I have been looking for a perpetual calendar, and toyed with the idea of making my own but couldn’t quite visualise what I wanted to do. I will definitely be using aspects of your calendar/journal project. I also really like this idea of ‘speed journalling’.

  • This is absolutely adorable. I think it may have to be a gift to myself. Journals are so hard to find time to maintain, but a little something like this might be just the thing.

  • thanks so much for this creative idea ashley. i so enjoy reading your blog and LOVE that you are sharing a monthly post at design sponge

  • I love this idea. What a great way to remember and reflect throughout the year! Super cute, too… I think I’m heading straight to the store to pick up a date stamp and get started!! My mom and sister-in-law will love these.

  • I’ve been hunting the Internet for fruit boxes, but can’t find them anywhere. Any suggestions for where to get them?

    • hi jen

      have you tried ebay and etsy? those are my go-to, they always have tons.

      i’d try threepotatofour online as well as terrain.


  • I used to be married to reflecting daily in short notes and this is the perfect idea to start that up in 2011! Thanks.

  • Ashley … Your ideas are amazing! Love following your blog as well as DS!
    Great idea … I will be making one for myself and a few for gifts.
    Truly think your creativity is amazing!!

  • Hey Dawn, I love the ones in that store too. The combination of those and a perpetual book calendar/journal were big parts of the inspiration for me coming up with a diy version that has both easy to access supplies and flea market finds. If you are able to nab one from SingleChair consider yourself very lucky – I don’t think he has many for sale.

  • Wonderful timing…perfect gift. I happen to have some of the green plastic strawberry containers that might work just right. Thank you!

  • Love it! If you couldn’t find old postcards, you could use scrapbooking cardstock in different patterns. Of course, I love the history of the postcards.

  • Love this idea for both my daughter who is a new mom and my MIL who is starting down the long road of dementia. Thank you

  • I adore this idea. It’s perfect for me as a student that is about to enter my last year of schooling. I can look back and make each of my days meaningful.

  • Dear Mementos,
    Hmmmm…. think I’ll create something like this with some of the old cards I can’t let go of… a sweet way to remember and fulfill that perpetual need I have to DOCUMENT.
    Obsessive Journalist in NE

  • Wow! What a truly creative idea. I was thinking of buying a calendar for someone on my list, but I think this is a better idea by far. :)

  • From the second I saw the first photo, I knew this was a post by the lovely Ashley. I always devour your photos and love your taste/style. This idea is truly incredible. I have never thought of tracking each day side-by-side. How neat to see what you were doing on that same day 5 or 10 years earlier. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Me encanta lo voy hacer para recodar los avances de mis tres hijos y cuando sean mayores se lo daré.En vez de postales usaré fotos de ellos.

  • I made my first one last night and it took a little under 1 hour to complete. Instead of the vintage postcards, I opted to create my own dividers using vector graphics I found online. I’m excited to give these as gifts!

  • I love this but I am changing it up a bit, I am going to put picture of me and my friend for each month instead of a postcard, seems a little more personal to me!

  • Too cool. And I have a gift card at the stationery store for the index cards and date stamp! Great, useful gifts which are also personal and GREEN!!!
    Thanks for being so creative and so generous.

  • I love this idea so, SO much! I wish we had a market nearby… Vintage postcards are a little pricier than that at the local antique market. Cardstock should do the trick, though!

  • I am making this right now for my girlfriend, I love the idea and really hope that she does as well. I picked up the worst postcards in NYC that I could…kind of an inside joke, but I love terribly designed postcards.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • i finally figured out where to find the fruit baskets. google “berry basket.” phew. almost thought i wasn’t going to be able to make these for my friends because i couldn’t find the baskets.

  • OH. MY. GOD.
    Not only do I love this idea, I’m currently sorting my office supplies and was wondering what the heck to do with my 4 packs of index cards. AND I just bought the cutest wooden box with a lid and didn’t know what to do with it. Now I just need the discipline!

  • I am DYING to make these, like, right now. Only problem is I can’t find the brown berry baskets! Does anyone have a direct link to buy them online?

  • What I love most about this project is that it’s infinitely flexible. You can use whatever size/type box you want, whole index cards, photos or scrapbooks supplies or beautiful papers for the dividers, etc. Can’t wait to make a couple!

  • i LOVE this idea! and am also having a hard time finding the berry baskets and don’t really want to order them online. i’d love to use something i use everyday…but haven’t thought of anything yet…anyone else have a good idea??

  • Wonderful and inexpensive idea! I too struggle to find the time to write in my new journal. If I didn’t feel the pressure (that I put on myself) of having to write something deep and reflective I would get a lot more writing done. Thanks for the great gift idea too!

  • I bought two books of beautiful art postcards and 5×8 cards cut in half. It offered more room for writing and I didn’t have to cut up the postcards. I couldn’t find fruit boxes either so I used square tissue boxes. The end result was lovely and super affordable! Thanks for the great idea!!

  • I am so going to explore crafting this for at least me and my DD. Thank you for the wonderful idea!!

  • I made one of these last night! Perfect use of the Fossil postcards I’ve been holding on to!

    I used a bamboo box intended for silverware organization from World Market. There are photos on my blog! :]

  • I made four of them at once, which is actually much easier than it sounds, and boom, I had several gifts. I used a 5″ glass container and put some small, glass stone at the bottom to keep the cards tidy. The gifts were a hit!

  • Just made one for my daughter for Christmas. I used an old cheese box which was the perfect size. For some dates I used special coloured paper, like red for Valentine’s and teal for her wedding anniversary, green for Christmas.
    There are lots of berry boxes in the vintage section of Etsy.com.

  • can’t wait to make some of these for me and my friends. i’m
    even making one for my husband, in hopes that he’ll take a little
    more time to think about daily life. :) great idea, so

  • What a wonderful idea! I tried keeping a daily journal on my computer, but it just didn’t work out. I could keep something like this on my night stand so I’d remember to write something right before bed. These would also make wonderful gifts!

  • Hi there, quite a nice idea! I store everything that I like
    (cards, museum tickets, leaflets, etc of things that we have been
    doing) in an A4 box, that I put on the attic once filled (oldest
    items on the bottom). I think that I am doing this for 10 years now
    and for sure it will be fun to open the eldest box. Your suggestion
    is even nicer, although more suitable for a kind of dairy/journal
    than for objects! One could even create a book of all loose ends in
    a later stadium (digital or in real), with a handmade cover! Thanks
    for showing.

  • what a wonderful idea!
    i made three of them as christmas presents, my friends were very pleased!
    instead of a fruit container i used an old cigarbox and copied old fotos in sepia for the different month.
    here in germany you can`t find the small index cards, so i had to cut a large one in half, this was quite a thing.
    but it was worth!
    thank you so much for sharing this project!

  • Just absolutely ADORE these! I am a “memory junkie” & I used to be SO good at daily writing down a little note about what I did each day and look back the following years…but I’d have to dig out my old calendars. This is so handy and creative!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Fabulous! So simple and can be so personalized with special
    photos or postcards. This will be put into action for me this
    weekend! And I think it may just be my go-to gift idea as well.
    Many thanks! Love it.

  • I adore this, it is so cute and something you can put on your coffee table to remind yourself to write. Great idea.

  • what a fab idea!
    this would be sooooo good to give as a gift to a newly married couple, or a new mum!

  • This is great! Thanks for sharing!!! I’m making one right now with vintage love postcards for my fiance who loves to journal, but can’t seem find the time each day. I hope he enjoys it as much as I like the idea!!! :)

  • Amaxing, sooo useful!! Thank you so much for the idea and for bringing us life again!!

  • Great idea! What about a perpetual flip calendar? Same idea, but use/make an A frame out of sturdy cardboard, make the pages, and take to store to have it spiral bound.

  • i heart this idea so so much. i tried to do something similar with cereal boxes and recipe cards but i like the perpetual calendar idea much more. i think i will look for different boxes/containers to put mine in. all the women in my family are getting these for xmas this year!! thank you so much for the inspiration. i am blogging it, hope its ok to use you pick and link. if not i will take it down

  • Love it! I read about it in a magazine a while back and totally forgot about it. Will definitely do!

  • This is GREAT!! Dumb question………is there a specific size for the berry bucket? And are there larger ones if I wanted to do the 5×8? Thank you for your help!

  • The date stamp can be found at Staples or Office Depot.

    And for anyone looking for a more sturdy “berry box” that can survive years of journaling, I just found a white porcelain one at crateandbarrel.com for only $6.95. It’s a “Berry Box Colander”. 5″ square and 2.75″ high. Super cute and definitely on my wish list!!! :)

  • Просто мислех, че ще ви капка линия, за да ви кажа, твоя сайт наистина скали! Търси такъв вид информация за дълго време .. Обикновено аз не отговаряш на постове, но аз в този случай. WoW страхотно страхотно.

  • I love this! I’ve been keeping calendar journals for several years. How much easier to go back and read this way. Just have to do this. Thanks so much.

  • What a great idea! I’m planning to make one for myself to start January 1st – what a great memory maker over the years.

  • This is such a great idea. Good on you for thinking it up – what a creative genius. I’m going to make one for my sister for Christmas. Thanks for sharing it!

  • What a cutie patootie idea! I think I will make one with printed out art that I have done into postcard sise! Thank you for the great inspiration! xoxo

  • Thanks so much for sharing this idea! After reading your blog post, I made one for myself and have plans to make them as gifts as well. I used recycled greeting cards (good use for those I’d been saving) cut to fit for the dividers. For boxes, I will use burlap covered cardstock boxes (made from a box template found online), with a little decorative ribbon. What a fun and thoughtful treasure! Thanks again!

  • My mom and I have done this for years…..make each other a “grateful” journal. Saw this and I am making for her 3 girls and her and her daughter in law and each year we are going to pass it. Then each year we can read back over our sisters or moms year!!!!!!

  • could you pls. tell me where you found the pint berry containers? I’ve searched high and low online and can only find colored ones! Thanks! Love your idea…making them for Christmas gifts this year :)

  • Absolutely perfect gift. I was looking for something thoughtful for my Sister who is a new mother. Amazing idea. Thanks so much!

  • I’m not sure why having 365 tiny pieces of paper is any better than having one small book to write in. I can just see the mess when a child, a pet, or one careless gesture by the writer knocks the whole lightweight box over. I also question why anyone would want to trim used postcards and ruin their shape and lose some of the messages written on them.

  • OMG, I love this idea and would love to make one to sit on my craft table where I spend a lot of my time. Now to try and figure out where to find a fruit box.

  • Thank you for the great idea! I love how using postcards can make it highly personal! Flowers, puppies, or maps! The ideas are endless!


  • This is an awesome idea, but in favor of using what I have, I used the cut out bottom of a plastic Arizona Sweet Tea Jug and instead of vintage post cards, I used old pictures that I have that are related to each month. I taped the pictures to some colorful construction paper and wrote the corresponding month on the paper. Also, the jug was kind of big so I just punched some holes in the side and tied some ribbon through to keep the index cards and pics in line. I wish I could post a pic of my results, because it turned out really well. Either way, great diy!!!! Thanks!!!

  • Love love love this idea – I am always looking for new ways with paper and this is one of the best I have seen in a long time – great for jotting down daily ideas!

  • Hi. I just made one for my 75 year old mother that I will give to her for Christmas. I think it will be great to see what’s important to her at this stage of her life. I used a kleenex box, the square one, for the holder, and used the whole index card on end and put the date stamp on that end. I used mostly stampin’ up stuff to decorate the box and the dividers. It turned out cool. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Here’s a twist to this idea. In a big family it’s difficult to remember all the birthdays and anniversaries. I used a calendar similar to this idea. I used a traditional file box. Each month was a “main heading” card (i.e. January, Feb. etc). Then I put a dated file card for each day of that month behind the main heading card. ( Jan. 1, Jan 2, Jan 3 etc)Each person in the family was written on the card of their birth or wedding. That way, as the family grew, I simply added more names on the cards. One given date card just might have 3 or 4 people celebrating something on that day. At the end of the day, the card for the day was moved to the back of the line so I could see who was celebrating the next day. Best thing, it’s good every year. It sure beats having to rewrite a calendar full of info every year.

  • Love it! Someone asked where to find the fruit cartons: you could just buy a carton of blueberries or something at the grocery store! Might have mushes on it though… But I was thinking, Anthropologie sells them in porcelaine!

  • This is such a lovely idea! Thank you for posting it. I have seen some porcelain fruit cartons at Anthropologie too, and that’s what I thought of when I saw this. What a fun, simple, gift to make that will be great to look back on in years to come!

  • ive made this for two of my friends, one couple just got engaged, and the other, are moving into their new home soon – i hope they like it (oh and ofcourse one for myself! hehe)

  • instead of a berry box or whatever, I’m using glue and popsicle sticks to make a box, works perfectly. I’m excited to start using it Jan 1. I just need to find postcards or something to divide the months.

  • I saw this a while back but rediscovered it on Pinterest. I’m doing this! I won’t cut the index cards or postcards. I’m going to use a vintage file box. My reason for not cutting them is so that I have more room to journal.

  • I just finished this for myself and a friend. I pinned my finished photo with the link to your blog and wanted to thank you for such a cute idea!! It was really simple and I enjoyed doing it.

  • Love this idea and in process of making it! Shout out of thanks to Kim for sharing the retro font to print on the cards for those of us who do not have a stamper; and another thanks to Karen and others who recommended getting the cartons at Anthropologie. They had an assortment of pretty colors – and I ordered two! One for me, one for a gift. Thanks for sharing ladies!

  • Thanks for this awesome idea! I’m pretty sure I can handle writing one line a day (check back with me in 10 years!). Like others, I also didn’t have access to berry containers but found a cute paper mâché book that holds 4×6 cards so I gessoed it and modified the design slightly. I added some antique drawer knobs for feet. You can see my results at Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/282882420313895356/

  • I love it so much. I would buy this from you. Really. Thats awesome! I love the idea. And I am going to make it myself.

  • I just made one today!! Thanks for the great idea!! I love how mines turned out even though yours is so much better! LOL I wish I had done this as Christmas presents.. so I am definetly making these for my friends and family next year =) Didnt have a date stamp so I hand wrote all of mines.. oh gosh.. I recommend the date stamp =p

  • Can someone please share a source for the baskets? I got my cards today, but when I cut them in half, the little box that I have is way too wide. The cards when cut in half are 3″ wide and the container I have is 4 1/2″ square. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Where can I find those type of fruit boxes?? I can only find ceramic ones online and I like that natural look better! Awesome idea I can’t wait to make one for all my sisters and I :D

  • I loved this idea so much that I went out and bought the supplies that day (I just finished my journal this afternoon). I love the vintage postcards but couldn’t find any so I used patterned card stock from a craft store. I’ll be looking for the postcards since I plan to make more of these for gifts. Thanks for sharing your idea- it’s awesome!

  • I love this! I want to create one for myself. I feel like it will be so fun to go back and see them. I have these tiny index cards already and I want to create one for this year.

  • The best ideas are those that spark others, right? So, I’m inspired to make one for each of my five siblings and myself, and then for us to share our calendars with our parents and each other during our occasional visits at various times of the year (we are spread out across the country and rarely get together anymore at one time). We always want to know what each of the others has been up to between visits and, despite email and Facebook, we don’t seem to always connect. This is a nice way to recall events that will trigger stories and lots of reminiscing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I loved this idea so much I made two similar versions. I needed them just a little larger so one I did on small index cards and the other on 4 x 6 inch index cards. I used old photos to separate the months and hand wrote the dates. Can’t wait to see what this project looks like in five years. I’ve always kept a similar diary on a yearly calendar, but this is so much better since you can see several years at once. Thanks for a great idea.

  • I made one of these for myself and loved it so much that I made several more as gifts. If you can’t find fruit crates, Michael’s has small cardboard boxes that work. You may have to adjust the size of the cards though. LOVE the diy ideas on D*S. Thank you!

  • I finished mine last week, it is just adorable! :D I did not have a date stamp so I wrote the dates myself, which made it more personal to me (: I also used post cards from friends, so now I tell all of my friends to compete and write the best post cards so they can enter my diary haha :D
    Thank you a lot for the idea, in some years I will be even more thankful! :D

  • Caught this idea on Pinterest! Schlepped to the office supply store and now my kids and I are starting our own 10-year Journals. It will be fun watching their hand writing change over the years and seeing what snippets of their days they find most meaningful.

  • No date ever falls on the same day of the week two years in a row. (I think you have to wait at least five years for a repeat.) I am guessing that, on each individual date-card, that some of the variety in events will be due to that.

  • Seeing this on Pinterest recently, right away I”m thinking these would make great Housewarming gifts! At our age, many of our kid’s friends and cousins are moving into their first homes. How fun it would be to document their time in this home, no matter how long or short. One question: Did you label the postcards with the name of the months, or just use them as dividers?

  • Came across this on pinterest just at the time when I needed a ‘different’ type of gift for a friend. Perfect!

  • Saw on Pinterest and want to repin. Love the idea. Many years have gone by and doing this over them would have been an excellent idea. I’ve never been one to keep a journal, but think this would be great to do each day. I’ll be making some for gifts.

  • This is a wonderful idea, and the presentation is beautiful. Thank you sincerely for sharing.

  • Am I missing something? 180 index cards x 2 = 360, but there are 365 or 366 days in a year. I’m not being a smart@$$, just wondering.

  • This is such a cute idea!! I don’t usually keep a journal because I feel pressured to write something long, But with little cards, I will only have to write a quick not or thought. I think I’ll get a post card when I go places from now on.


  • I’m going to make one for my granddaughter’s third birthday. My daughter would LOVE this!! Quick to do, but so special for the future!! And I’ve got several journal-wishing friends who would love the quickness and ease of this idea!! What a meaningful gift!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • I started this for my daughter the day she was born. I use the larger size index cards and keep them in a picture box. Planning to give it to her for her graduation. Love this idea!

  • I did not have time to read all the comments. But..I thought this would be a great idea for a new mom. Baby book are a good idea, but this takes less time and gives a permanent record for all the changes a new baby goes through. The next baby can be added in or start a new journal box for them. I can see this for keeping track of medical issues, financial, crafts, etc…

  • Just got my postcards and I’m pretty excited to start making christmas gifts! How big are the fruit trays, pint or quart-sized? Thanks, this is lovely!

  • This is a great idea…I have used old family pictures for the dividers.
    Also,read when we pass on a recipe…write it on the back of a photo .may be of yourself or someone in the family. Check all the ingredients ..and also write who is represented in the pic.

  • Love this Idea! Doing for my sister, to start on her wedding day! Beginning a new chapter in her life. I am using pictures for dividers and I wrote little encouraging phrases at the bottom of a few cards for a surprise.

    • Thank you for the awesome link! Couldn’t find any on Amazon for this price. Ordered one for my daughter’s upcoming wedding and others for upcoming birthdays this year.

  • I love this but will have to get a different container. Cutting vintage postcards is sacrilege to me.

  • I just finished mine tonight! Instead of postcards I glued scrapbook paper of different colors/patterns to heavy paper and cut it to size. It looks great! I got my fruit container at the farmers market. :)

  • I love this. I am looking in my craft closet now for just the right container. So fun to start out the new year. Thanks so much!

  • Just an FYI, Anthropologie has a ceramic produce carton for $14 tha works perfectly. You can buy it in stores or online. I’m almost done with mine. I couldn’t find vintage postcards in time for the new year so I did I sort of ombré pink with cardstock.

  • I made a cute one for my daughter using 3×5 index cards from Dollar Tree and I found a white square box there too that works perfectly. I wrote all the dates on but am wondering if I might have some rubber stamps that would work. I used heavy duty sparkly scrapbook paper for dividers.

  • Absolutely love this idea, I’m going to make one on the weekend for myself and my family and best thing is I’ve got all but the date stamp to hand so that will be my reduce reuse recycle and then I plan on making some for my SIL, two nieces and my mum, thanks for such a brilliant idea, I just can’t get over it

  • Hi! I’ve made those the moment I saw them in this post. Thank you so much for the idea, it’s so amazing looking back at what I’ve done two years ago, image how cool it will be in 2 more years :D THANK YOU! :D

  • I love this idea! Made them for 2 friends getting married this year, and had the calendars “start” on their wedding date! (I made one for me too!) Used stoneware berry baskets from Sur La Table, and included a cute pen.


  • this would be great in a classroom to document what you were teaching each year on that day

  • Love this idea, created my own version for a friend to try it out for the first time (and because I already have a line-a-day 5-year journal book I started and want to complete. I posted a link from my blog to this page to give you credit. MOST of the other versions online actually mention your page here! I, like many other commenters here, have kept journals and have not wanted to store them, and also have not felt compelled to revisit them. The multiple years on a page/card is the best ever. I have the Q&A a day version and one based on “The Happiness Project” book with comments at the top of each page. I LOVE this version, though, as it looks so awesome on display in an easy place to just jot something each day. I made one for a friend and have proposed this idea for an upcoming art retreat. So many ways to individualize, alter, etc. this idea, with the basic principle being a completely convenient and inspiring way to journal. So cool! Thanks for this as I am inspired by what you’ve done in a big way! THANK YOU!

  • Just found this idea and I am in love! Making for a quick wedding gift for a niece this weekend. How great to look back the first years of marriage! Thanks so much!

  • I just found this idea. What a lovely way to remember all the special (or perhaps challenging) moments. Since I don’t have any vintage postcards, I am going to use photos that I have taken. I love to go on walks or drives and snap photos of things that interest me. This would also be a wonderful opportunity to do some collaged cards. Vintage photos would be great for family! Definitely a gift idea for Christmas- thank goodness, I still have a few months to prepare. :)

  • If you’re having trouble finding the fruit crate like I did, go to Antropologie.com. They have ceramic versions that are a little more expensive, but I figured they would last longer than the cardboard version.

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    If you knbow of any please share. Appreeciate it!

  • I just adore this idea! I wish I had seen it before! It is perfect when you have children. There are so many memories to keep.

  • Do you know what size your berry box was that you used? Such a perfect gift idea! So adorable!

  • I don’t know how I stumbled upon this project (probably Pinterest?) but I DIYed the s*it out of it and started making daily entries in June 2011. Now, 3.5 years later, having moved to different cities, different countries, I still do. Apart from one or two days around Christmas every year (wonder why that is..) I haven’t stopped. Writing a sentence or two on one of those little cards has become a nightly ritual for me. It makes me reflect on the day and often I get lost in the prior entries (“Oh, that’s when this happened!”). I think it helps that the box is always right there on my nightstand and that I don’t have to write much. This journal has definitely enriched my life in many ways and I just wanted to say “thank you” :)

  • I love this idea – I am going to make this with vintage postcards from all over the United States where I remember going with her or my mother telling me she went over the years – I thought it would be a nice idea for her to jot down a few memories of the specific places she has been on the back of the postcard. Thanks for such a great idea.

  • I started one of these journals yesterday. I didn’t get quite so fancy: I used index cards but didn’t cut them in half, hand wrote the dates in the upper corner and for now just wrapped them in a rubber band until I get a box. I certainly would get more fancy if it was a present. Thanks for the great idea. My sister has started one as well.

  • I was just looking for ideas to make a personalised calendar journal and found this. Lovely idea, thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to get started on my photo calendar journal :)

  • So simple, yet so effective! With this day and age with so many technical ways to record things, I find it refreshing going back to pen and paper. There is something about physical writing that just feels good. Recording a few thoughts each day so you reflect on changes in your life. Thank you for this. I will be getting supplies to make my own. :)

  • Instead of postcards; I’ll be using my scrapbook paper :) I don’t like to mess up postcards, either.

  • So I’ve been doing an online version of this for years, after inspiration from your post :) I started in 2013 officially, and instead of a paper for each day I have a blog post for each day of the year. I loved the idea here but I have horrible handwriting and also a hard time keeping things short :-D

    Now I write one line for each person in our family (me husband and 2 kids) or sometimes it is just We All if we did something together. In addition I’ve started linking my online albums to the specific dates so I can easily jump to event pictures. It’s definitely cool to look back over the years and see what we have done!

    I highly recommend using a blog to do this very thing if you have the same issues with writing that I do :) Thanks for the idea though! It’s so fun!