diy project: paper leaves wreath

Every year I look forward to making a wreath for our house. I use whatever materials are around me. Sometimes it is natural… using some branches or leaves from the backyard. Sometimes our wreath is warm and fuzzy… using fabric and yarn. It is always different. This year, given the abundance of paper grocery bags in our cupboard (the ones I was promising to reuse the next time I went to the store), I decided to make a wreath of paper. I think green is always a good color for the holidays, so I remembered the soft green of the masking paper in the paint aisle at the hardware store, which I have always been strangely inspired by. To give it a little love, I added metallic silver. Happy holidays! —Brenna (paper + ink)

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  • paper grocery bags, or stiff paper
  • masking tape
  • 9” wide green masking paper (paint section-hardware store)
  • silver spray paint
  • scissors or exacto knife
  • hot glue gun and sticks


1. Tear the grocery bags down the sides to make long pieces of paper.

2. Twist the grocery bags creating a rope, and adding in new twisted bags as you go… twist together to make a thick rope using the masking tape to secure.

3. Join the ends of the rope together to form a circle in the size that you want.
Don’t worry if it is not round.

4. Straighten the circle by squeezing and bending. Use the masking tape to help
keep it in place and round.

5. Wrap the wreath form with the green masking paper creating a smooth surface
to glue the leaves onto. Tape in place all around the wreath.

6. Spray one side of the masking paper with the silver spray paint. I used about
30 feet of silvered paper. allow to dry before rolling up again.

7. Accordion fold the paper in about 5 inch sections.

8. Cut a curved shape on each folded side of the paper. I was able to cut 4 or 5
at once. The fold will be the vein of the leaf, so the shape you are going for is the
shape of half of a leaf. You can use the extra paper to cut some smaller leaves.

9. Start gluing the leaves on the wreath form. Glue the leaves on by their “stems”
and work forward, placing each new leaf on top of the last.

10. As you near the end, keep working in the same direction tucking the leaves
under the leaves at the starting point.

11. Hang your wreath and admire!


I really like this wreath alternative. I’ve been seeing a LOT of tutorials lately that would require me to go out and buy one of those foam forms – but I love that this one uses the crap I already have in my apartment and don’t use!


I wish I could just skip work today, go home and make this! It is so cute! What a great idea!


Looks a lot like the fresh bay leaf wreathes I’ve always wanted.


This is going on my “projects to make list” I love that you get such a sophisticated looking wreath from instructions that start with crumpling paper and a generous application of tape.


Your ideas are always so inspirational and beautiful…thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!


I’ve seen a LOT of wreath projects but most use a Styrofoam or metal base. I LOVE the fact that you can use materials you likely already have. I bet you could use those some brown paper bags as leaves as an even greener alternative

Rachel M.

Beautiful! Makes me want to run and find some of that green paper! I love the level of creativity it took to come up with this. :)


i LOVE this. every year i look for a cheap way to make a unique christmas wreath. this will save a trip to my friend’s house to pick magnolia leaves off her lawn. and if stored right it can be reused each year! love it!


hi grace!
curious to know if you have heard of any creative solutions for hanging a wreath on nice wooden door that would not involve making a hole ( it’s a rental, our house and the door!) I just bought a gorgeous door hanging from whole foods ( i know, i know, I should have made it!) and now am wondering how to hang it- don’t really want to get one of those ugly plastic over the door hooks.
Thanks so much!!!


wow , i was amazed. it looks so cute and easy to do. i would love to try it at home


hi stella

it depends on the weight of the wreath. sadly those plastic ones are probably your best bet :( or you could use a metal wreath hanger that attaches to the top of the door. Or a ribbon that does the same thing :) (or you can cover the metal hanger with a piece of ribbon to make it look like the ribbon is holding it)



I totally made this wreath last night and it came out awesome! I did a smaller version and instead of using the suggested masking paper, I used an anthropologie catalogue. It looks really really cool with the different patterns and textures, and is a great, cheaper, and happy enviro alternative.

Kim Smith

When I was a kid, back in the 60’s, we made wreaths out of used computer punch cards – and then spray painted them. This wreath looks SO MUCH better!

Mandy P.S.

I love this! I wish I had seen this pre-Christmastime, but I’m thinking of making it soon with a “spring” theme–maybe cute pastel wallpaper instead the silver leaves. I agree with Jillian that the base of the wreath is particularly clever!