diy project: crystal iceberg ornament

Every holiday season I make a small collection of ornaments. For this month, I wanted to share a fun “how-to” utilizing the crystal trend. You can find quartz crystal at your local beading store, on eBay or here. Check out the remainder of my 2010 collection here, and I hope you enjoy this Christmas DIY! — Halligan

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  • quartz crystal points, approximately 1″ to 1.5″
  • cotton or fluff (snow)
  • clear glitter
  • themed trinkets of your choice (trees, deer, etc.)
  • string
  • paint and brush (optional)
  • industrial-strength glue, such as E6000
  • toothpicks to apply glue
  • white crafting glue


Step 1: Align crystals so that one side of all points are even. Play until you find they fit well together, then glue together using industrial-strength glue. Tie a loop of string, and allow some to hang out of the bottom of your first crystal cluster. After you finish your formation and everything is dry, trim excess at bottom.

Optional: To add some color, apply a little paint to a side you don’t see. It will shine color through the clear crystal.

Step 2: After all your iceberg crystals are dry, glue on your cotton snow. Then apply your trinkets and clear glitter. This is where you can let your individuality shine!

Step 3: You are done! Hang on your tree or give as a gift. Happy holidays to everyone.

Sarah Jane

Super cute! I love the deer trend right now. I don’t know
why they’re so cute, but they just are! I was finally able to make
some ornaments this year and I’m looking forward to making more
next year. I posted the ones I made on my blog a week or two

Rachel M.

How adorable! Where does one find those little trinkets like the deer? I so want to make ornaments and dioramas with things like that. Awesome idea!

This is such an amazing idea. Naturally as a jeweler I am drawn to crystals. I love the sparkle they give with the light shinning through. I know what I’ll be making very soon. Thanks for the idea! Merry Christmas.


HEY everyone. You can find trinkets like these at any craft store this time of year. Vintage christmas goodies can be found on ebay or etsy.

Ricky Pool

It doesn’t look too fancy but the idea that you made this kind of Christmas tree decoration yourself makes it so much more appealing.