budget friendly gift wrap ideas

Psst: if your’e looking for some budget-friendly gift wrap ideas, D*S editor Kate Pruitt is rounding up her favorites over at Currency. Click here for the full post….

Tammy Hawkins

This is a great post! Another suggestion – instead of buying kraft paper and adding more paper purchasing, a few weeks before you start wrapping gifts, choose paper bags over plastic grocery bags. The inside of these brown bags can turn into wrapping and with some beautiful ribbon (preferably saved from other presents!) it can be just as beautiful as anything. For an added flair, crumple the brown paper from the bag repeatedly (ball it up, flatten it out, ball it up, etc. for about 3-5 minutes) until the paper is as soft as fabric!


This is how I wanted to wrap my gifts this year! Where is a good place to get craft paper? I looked at AC Moore yesterday and they don’t carry it.


hi bryan!

kraft paper, like the brown kind? you can find it at hardware stores and butchers sometimes, but you can also find it at michael’s craft stores, office depot or staples:



lots of cool options here: http://www.kraftoutlet.com/store/Default.asp

grace :)


I started wrapping presents with grocery bags and cotton twine back in college, inspired in part by My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music (pretty brown packages tied up with string) and also due to the fact I was broke. :) I still do it this way as it’s a lovely way to wrap; seeing all those lovely packages under the tree is really nice.

The fastest way to process a paper bag is to flatten the bag, pull the handles straight out (to minimize tearing), then cutting away one side with a sharp knife. (Serrated usually works better than straight) When you get to the bottom, cut the entire bottom rectangle out, as it’s too thick to use. You’ll be left with a perfectly straight, medium-sized piece of paper. If it’s too big, find the closest fit to one of the pre-folded sections and cut along there. Use brown-colored plastic packing tape, tie the string around and you’re done!


I like to use 50 cent baskets or wooden boxes to hold gifts instead of using any sort of wrapping paper. It looks awesome, it’s usually cheaper than paper, and it’s highly reusable!


Dont forget the dolller store!!!! I got everything to wrap my gifts there.


Loved these ideas, but I would also love to find a source for really cool, reusable, cloth gift bags. Any ideas??