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biz ladies: d*s videos from lavish

by Grace Bonney

Whew! It’s been a busy few days for us but today Amy and I are finally hopping back on a plane and heading home to Brooklyn. On Sunday morning I spoke at the Lavish conference in Atlanta and shared my tips for “going pro” with your blog (Thanks to everyone who came out at 9am- yikes that was early!). I promised that I would share them here so that people didn’t have to jot down notes really quickly and so that all of the readers here could share in the advice. I’ve re-recorded my talk into two 10 minute videos: Getting your Blog Ready for Going Pro (Content and Efficiency) and Diving into Advertising. If you’ve ever thought about trying to support yourself (or just a small side income) with your blog, this video will (hopefully) be a big help. Enjoy! xo, grace

Video 1: Getting your Blog Ready for Going Pro (Content and Efficiency)

Video 2: Diving into Advertising

*For more advertising advice: Click here for bloggers and here for advertisers (business owners)

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  • Wow – that really was helpful! I´ve been building up my blog since this summer and had decided to use the xmas holidays to analyze how far I had come, whether to continue and more importantly how to continue. You´ve given me some very helpful hints – thank you!!

  • great timing! I was just thinking of doing both of these things! and thank you for this wonderful series, it is just invaluable!

  • Thanks so much for posting these videos. You guys did such a great job at lavish! It was kind of surreal sitting in on your panel, watching you guys talk, laugh and answer questions. I read the blog daily and sometimes get caught up in the “bigness” of it all. It was nice to step back and be reminded that you guys are real people (real awesome people). Being part of the whole lavish! experience with you gives me an even greater appreciation for D*S, keep up the good work ladies!

  • This is SO helpful Grace. And you outlined everything so clearly. What makes it even more awesome is that you do this for us for free. Thank you so much for these valuable tips

  • Thank you so so much for this! I desperately wanted to attend Lavish, but I was traveling for business. Will be watching these as soon as i get home :)

  • this is super helpful – thank you! i have always hesitated about putting together an editorial calendar for my blog because i thought it would be too limiting, but i def see your point about being able to get creative within the categories. one thing you didn’t talk about that i would be interested in hearing more about is search engine optimization.

  • Thanks so much for posting this – I missed your presentation but heard how fabulous it was! Now, I can hear it from the horse’s mouth.

    Stylishly yours,

  • So helpful. I think it’s important for your readers to note that the first video has great information even if you have no desire to make money off your blog.

    For example, my blog is very personal and very niche and I don’t anticipate on making a living on it in my lifetime ;). However, it’s still ‘professional.’ I have regular columns, guest posts, and an editorial calendar.

  • You’re so generous to recap this for us! It is very appreciated – great info that’s easy to follow.

    I’m echoing another comment – SEO info would be a topic of interest to a lot of us.

  • The tactics on the first video have really clarified how I think about my blog. Based on your recommendations it seems liked I’m spending way to much time creating posts. With these guidelines I can trim it down to what is reasonable.

    Question for the group – Have you seen any corporate blogs that you regularly follow? I’d really like to know if there is a gold standard out there.

    Grace – Thanks for posting these videos. Your insights are priceless.

  • I started my site and blog a few months ago…I’m so grateful for all your biz posts. I love them! Now that it has been going for a short amount of time, the question is what is next? This post was just what I needed. I was glad to see I had set some things up well, but also glad to see that I need to wait on the timing of other items. Again, thank you…thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing Grace. This is so comprehensive. Breaking down into really workable number of posts for the week is fantastic. I will be sharing this with everyone I can.

  • I am constantly inspired and amazed by all the great resources you ladies post– thanks for doing what you do! The videos were really interesting and helpful!

  • Hey, Grace, thanks so much for putting this together!! There are some really helpful tips in there. I have yet to master the 10 minute post, but I’m working on it. :-)

  • I swear I love your features and series, I’m playing catch up but please don’t ever take them off they are all so helpful!