beyond the big day: a sparkly new year’s

What better way to spend New Year’s than with your closest friends, ringing in 2011 with a killer party? Together with Ashley Meaders and Our Labor of Love photography, we put together an inspiration shoot using easy DIY…We put together an inspiration shoot using easy DIY ideas and simple concepts based on the gorgeous New Year’s Eve Wedding below from Nancy Neil Photography.

Here’s a little bit more from Ashley Meaders:

How amazing is the Starlette Crown from Giant Dwarf! We fell head over heels for it and think it’s the perfect accessory for any New Year’s party you’ve got coming up. These sparkly hats are easy to make and fun, as well. Simply buy cheap paper party hats from Target, spray paint them silver and once dry, spray on a layer of photo mount and sprinkle glitter all over them. Embellish the hats with some paper fringe on the bottom for an added touch. You can also apply the same easy DIY idea to party blowers.

Photobooths are the perfect addition to any party. Our go-to choice is the Smilebooth. We brought one in for the shoot and the fun began!

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Have you ever wondered if those champagne towers really work? Well, they do! We had a little bit of a mess on our hands, but it was definitely worth it!

Paper fringe is super easy to make and can be an easy decor idea for a New Year’s party. You can cut strips of paper and fabric (we used sparkly tulle) and sew them together along the middle. Then cut fringe on both sides of the sewn thread line. The last step is to just fluff and fold the paper.

Photography by Jesse of Our Labor of Love

Styling by Ashley Meaders

Star Headband by Giant Dwarf

Photobooth by Smilebooth


Why does no one in your have the pink blotchy skin
indicative of a night of eating, drinking, and making merry? Did
you heavily photoshop the photobooth pictures?


I’m loving the glitter!! I love the star headband and the
glitter party hats. And thanks for DIY on that. I did add it to my
link love for today. Living vicariously through others this party
evening! :)

Carol Vaughan Davis

How did you get your picture images to move? Thanks


hi carol

it’s an animated gif- you can find a number of good tutorials online for creating them using photoshop :)

(dustin and whitney made this for us though)


Rachel S.

We had an open air photobooth for our backyard wedding. The best thing we could have done! It was our entertainment for the night and I can’t wait for another party that gives me an excuse to rent one.