before and after

before & after: kirsten’s chair + sarah’s credenza

by Kate Pruitt

It doesn’t matter how many chair images cross my desk; I will never tire of seeing great re-upholstery jobs. For one thing, I love seeing all the different chair shapes and styles out there. Second, I just love chairs, and a picture of a beautiful chair will never cease to inspire me. Case in point: this fantastic specimen from Kirsten. Not wanting to alter the chair’s lovely wood finish, Kirsten left the original frame intact and simply swapped out the old upholstery with two perfectly mismatched printed fabrics. Personally, I find the art of complementary mismatching to be quite difficult, and I enjoy seeing when someone can do it well, as Kirsten has done here. I would very much like to own this chair . . . that’s pretty much all I can say about it. Amazing work, Kirsten! — Kate

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I think I’ve mentioned before that a great photo can usually win me over with before & after projects, but I promise it’s not the only factor. Sarah clearly has an eye for design and knows how to work with color. The subtle shift in tones and the mix of print and paint on this piece are expertly achieved. The fact that she’s also managed to tuck this little credenza into a charming vignette with a great mix of colors and textures is just a bonus. If I saw this piece in a shop, I’d never guess it came from such humble beginnings. It looks like the perfect addition to a rustic and stylish kid’s room. Great transformation, Sarah!

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