2010 scholarship voting: part 2 (grad students)

Alright! It’s time to dive into our next round of talented finalists- graduate students! These 10 designers have quite simply blown my mind with some of their designs and I will definitely be lining up to buy some of these pieces when they hit shelves. If you’re looking for inspiration, these designers definitely can provide that in spades. Congrats to the finalists and thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter! Best of luck to the finalists- xo, grace

Please note all students’ names are linked to their portfolios so you can see more of their work and find more information on the work shown below

UPDATE: Voting will end next Wednesday, December 22nd at 10pm EST

A big thank you again to our sponsors: Glos and Room & Board. Glos has kindly provided our first place prizes for both undergraduate and graduate students, Room & Board has kindly provided our second place prizes for both undergraduate and graduate students and The Monacelli Press has generously offered to sponsor our Honorable Mention prizes for the 2010 Scholarship.


Image above: Work by Kristina Gerig

Image above: Work by Jesse Trentadue

Image above: Work by Sherry An

Image above: Work by Daniel Fishel

Image above: Work by Matthew Plumstead

Image above: Work by Amanda Leppi

Image above: Work by Marie Bachoc (It’s not immediately clear above, but two of the projects shown use excess water- from rain and from dish draining- to water plants)

Image above: Work by David Ross (It’s not apparent from the photos, so I wanted to clarify: the tiles above are meant to erode naturally to expose the copper wave pattern below)

Image above: Work by Xueqin Xu

Image above: Work by Thorunn Arnadottir


Mr. Home Furnishings

I am glad someone is supporting our young designers. These entries look very good. It is hard to break into the industry but good luck. And a scholarship will really help!


Woah super talented bunch of grads!! :) No graphic designer grads though? Lots of undergrad gds :)


Why are these all industrial design? I thought it’d be a mix…


It’s an amazing opportunity to introduce our creativities here. Thanks for providing this experience!!


Talented bunch of artists, lots of slick work out there – glad to see this…

I’ll absolutely agree with Sue though, no graphic designers, and only ONE illustrator. There is so much strong artwork/design/web design out there for this to be so pigeon holed into basically one category.

Congrats to all though.


Actually I thought the dishwater/rainwater *was* apparent from the photos — and that was all the more impressive to me! It’s one thing to have a great idea; it’s another thing to be able to communicate it so well. :)

Sherry, Marie, and Xueqin really wow-ed me.



with only 10 designers it’s hard to get every facet of design represented. i wish i could plop down all 600 of those applicants in your lap so you could see that these really are the strongest in the lot, regardless of their discipline. i understanding wanting to see a variety of fields represented but you need to keep two things in mind: there are several field represented and it seems very unfair to include say, an illustrator, who is less qualified than other finalists purely because of their category. if we had winners within fields i would understand, but this is an open contest. if i had done fields this year we would have eliminated a number of designers who deserved to be showcased and included a number that did not deserve to be showcased as much. i’m not sure if it’s asking too much, but i do hope you’ll grow to trust that we really do edit very carefully here- i wouldn’t leave out anyone that was qualified, especially if they represented a different or diverse field.



Really hard to pick just one….I too really liked the innovation of the ‘rain catchers’….maybe next year there can be 2 awards ;)


love your Kristina Gerig! both your product design and textile work (wovens & patterns from your site).

Aussie Jess

Wow. I was so impressed – especially with Marie! What practical and innovative designs!
She got my vote due to the fact that her designs were practical and could be of use to the masses, whereas the others were more directed towards those interested in designer homewares.


Jesse you rock (actually you all do)! I particularly like your lightening bolt shelf.

Myra Kort

Very creative, young and fresh designs. It’s obvious that the school fosters very creative talent.



Heidi Christensen

I enjoy seeing the work of students, the ideas are fresh and open to possibilities.

Francoise Max

Thorunn Arnadottir is a most creative and inspirational artist. She has humour, a great sense of color and imagination. My vote goes to her


Great Work everyone! Amanda Leppi’s work is particularly amazing. Wow, what great designs.


Amanda Leppis organic structures are great! My vote is definitely for Amanda!

Daniel Fishel

Hey Grace,

Thank you so much for including me in the running. I really appreciate it. For all the comments about my work, thank you so much! It’s all very flattering.



I think that The DS team has done a fabulous job of choosing excellent design submissions. I agree it should be the best, and really Design Sponge is weighted more towards interior design anyway so practical, beautiful products do not seem out of place. As a graphic Designer I can say well done, and good work on only choosing the deserving rather than the “token” categorical ones. :)

Joseph Weng

Great work to everyone! Sherry An’s work is particularly astonishing. Wow, wow, what great designs.

Alan E. Kligerman

Love Thorun’s work. – its simplicity and practicality. Long ago – years! – saw bead clock featured and wrote to ask that if it were ever for sale, could I buy one. Happy to say that eventually happened and I look forward to its arriving early in 2011.

Dan Koval

Incredible designs here. All of the candidates are fantastic. I am voting for Thorunn Arnadottir as the full body of work is diverse but each item on its own is also very strong. Congratulations!

Elísabet Guðmundsd.

I am voting for Thorunn Arnardottir her work is great


What a talented group!
Jesse Trentadue head and shoulders
above the rest!!!

Rosalie Chen

Sherry An’s work brings about the freshness of spring air in the color presentation. The curve lines here and there provide a sense of peace and joy (like a smiling face), yet the functional design offers a variety of possible combinations for a creative mind to explore. That is very ermarkable!

Amanda Leppi

I’m voting for Amanda Leppi

I didn’t know if the name above has to be mine or not-Kaety Kerr