2010 gift guides: splurge worthy

I always enjoy creating budget-themed gift guides, but there’s something extra fun about throwing caution to the wind and embracing the idea of luxurious gifts. Whether it’s a silk robe, handmade leather bag, cushy cashmere throw or a gold plate, sometimes a little splurge can be fun if you have someone special that you really want to treat this year. I’ve rounded up my favorite splurge-worthy finds below, and I hope you’ll find something you might consider worth the investment. The prices primarily range from $200 to $500, but there are a few ultra-splurges thrown in just for fun. Because maybe there’s someone out there lucky enough to get a $1,000+ vintage Suzani throw. If that’s you, please let us know so we can check out that beauty in your home. Stay tuned for more gift guides tomorrow and every day for the next week and a half. xo, grace

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Image above: 1. Jonathan Adler Zig Zag Throw, $295; 2. Eames Walnut Hang-It-All, $249; 3. Galileo Telescope, $475; 4. Quartz Bookends, $495; 5. Aigle Rainboots, $169; 6. Fornasetti Plate, $285; 7. Keyhole Box, $470; 8. Onyx Earthspheres, $295; 9. Clare Vivier Bag, $320

Image above: 1. Large Scalloped-Edge Mirror, $348; 2. Jewel Fly Pin, $225; 3. Ottoman Silk Gown, $414 ; 4. Hand-Bowl Lamp by Curiousa & Curiousa, $860; 5. Domsai Terrarium, $150; 6. Log Stool $322.50; 7. Gold Plated Pinecones, $395; 8. Lambswool Throw, $128

Image above: 1. Zig Zag Shawl, $195; 2. Bow Ring, $75; 3. The Dorm Display Box, $140; 4. Paul Smith Coffee Pot, $278; 5. Vintage Suzani Throw, $1,995; 6. Civetta Bookends, $268; 7. Rhythm Zip Wallets, $385; 8. Electra Girard Circles Bike; 9. Etched Mercury Glass Demijohns, $295+

Image above: 1. Maple Falls Sheet Set, $178+; 2. Bamboo Reading Glasses, $110; 3. One-of-a-Kind Log Cabin Pendant, $598; 4. “Flash” Flats by Kate Spade, $125; 5. Faux-Fur Tree Skirt, $198; 6. Bronze Vase/Candleholder, $280; 7. Pindots Bowl, $395


Dear Santa, I would like the zig zag throw, the clare vivier bag, and the electra girard circles bike. I’ve been very good this year:) xo


thanks guys :)

camellia- it’s actually a throw- and it’s amazing in person. sooo soft.



so many great gifts here. I wish Santa would bring me the Trop bag by Clare Vivier.


Oh my, these are all just fabulous. Thanks so much for putting this together, I’m sure it’s a lot of work for you, but it’s oh-so-convenient for all of us lazy shoppers!

sara @ the by & by

i hope santa brought his wallet, because i want… pretty much everything in this roundup. {but especially the log stool and jonathan adler zig zag throw! *swoon*}


So much here to love! My favorites are the quartz bookends, the scalloped-edge mirror, and the virginia johnson shawl…but I won’t dare add them to my real Christmas list. Dreaming is fun, though!


i come to your site all the time, and never comment, and i just had to this time. i love everything on here and want it all! those kate spade flats . . . sigh . . . the rain boots? dude! the bike? the clare viver bag??? i’m hyperventilating over here.

thanks for sharing; love your site, love this post!


John J Tackett

One of the many things I learned from working for Albert Hadley was to keep an eye out for new handmade or vintage gifts all year long. I still find small miscellaneous items like Fornesetti coasters for a couple of dollars each that are very appreciated by architects and decorators.

elissa c

So many divine finds! I love the silk gown and wool throw especially. I bought one of those Hang It Alls and it arrived yesterday, much to my delight. Apparently there were only 200 sent to Australia.


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