2010 gift guides: ornaments

I grew up in a home where, on December 1st, each “everyday” decoration was replaced with a Christmas version of itself. I love the holidays and can hardly wait to fill my home with mica snow and tiny trees! Here are over 45 of the best baubles and elves to trim your tree or give as a gift this year. Happy Christmas. — xo, Halligan

Image above: 1. Glass Owl Ornament, 6 for $18; 2. Anchor Ornament, $28; 3. Goldleaf Bird Ornaments, $26 each; 4. Ornament and Tinsel Garland, $24; 5. Paper Ship Ornament, $26; 6. Candy Cane Ornament, $12; 7. “Elegant Man” Ornament, $38; 8. Candy Striped Bow Ornament, $18; 9. Peacock Ornament, $28

Image above: Not one for red and green? Here are some great alternatives to the traditional look: 1. Diamond Glittered Icicles, $24; 2. Lilac Mushroom Clip Ornament, $10; 3. Lion Ornament, $16; 4. Green Mushroom Clip Ornament, $10; 5. Porcelain Lion Ornament, $28; 6. Russian Doll Ornament Set, $44; 7. Glass Deer Ornament Set, $11.95

Image above: Ornaments in traditional Christmas themes and colors: 1. Set of 12 Vintage-Inspired Ornaments, $16.99, image here; 2. Laser Cut Ornament by Peppersprouts, $10; 3. Mercury Glass Icicle, $8.99; 4. Set of 5 Vintage-Inspired Elves by Cody Foster, $49.99, image here; 5. Nuts About You Acorn Pair, $12 from Something’s Hiding in Here; 6. Mercury Glass Traditional, £6.50; 7. Glass Dome Winter Wonderland by Cody Foster, $17.99, image here; 8. Soft Mushroom Pair, $25.99; 9. Pattern Letterpress Tags/Ornaments, Set of 5, $9.50

CLICK HERE for 18 more ornament ideas (including an amazing thaumatrope) after the jump!

Image above: 1. Popcorn and Cranberry Garland, $18; 2. Owl Ornament, $22; 3. Pinecone Cluster, $6.50 (Grace’s favorite); 4. Tweeter Tree Skirt, $198; 5. Natural Fox Ornament, $12 6. Icicle Twists, $18 per box; 7. Bird Ornament, $5; 8. Zig Zag Ornament, $18

Image above: Jennifer Murphy’s sweet bears and friends always charm me. This year, she has created a kit so you can make your very own snowman clip ornament ($45.00).

Image above: I know this isn’t technically an ornament, but I couldn’t resist sharing my favorite card I’ve seen this year from an amazing stationery store on web. A thaumatrope that puts goodies into an empty stocking by spinning! (£3.00)

Image above, left to right: Quartz Crystal Ornaments, 12 for $29; Amethyst & Citrine Ornaments, 12 for $29

Image above, left to right: Bell Ornaments, 6 for $49; Pumpkin Ornaments, 6 for $19.50

Image above, left to right: Silver Forest Ornaments, 3 for $19; Ceramic Nail Ornament, $24

Image above: Felted Acorn Ornaments, 6 for $19

Image above: Sparkly Acorn Ornaments, 5 for $14.75


I love the 50’s inspired collection :)
Maybe I will play hooky from my work today and shop/make/hang ornaments instead ;)


i love the mushrooms, the birds and the crocheted anchor! great ornaments!!!



So much to love here, how will I ever narrow this down to my favorite? The “elegant man” from Barneys is pretty hard to beat…

Emily Z.

I can not imagine a better way than this post to derail my work ethic with not a moment of regret. Just another reason to love d*s.


The felted acorns are super super sweet !!!
I was so happy to see you on the Nate Berkus show , I think you could be a wonderful addition to the show …. just saying :)


i love your selection, but you guys need to break away from anthropologie! most of us check out their website regularly anyways. there must be some more obscure websites or etsy artists out there you could introduce us to?

Mustang Sally

Loved seeing you on the Nate show today. He is obviously a big fan – and with good reason. Thanks for today’s selection. I want them all!



i hear you and understand- that said, we did include many shops (including etsy shops) other than anthro in this guide and other guides :)


holly regan

Love that your collection includes vintage, new and handmade! It would also be fun to see ornaments used in other ways…..In a room, on a package, in a bowl…Etc… They’re little works of art! Thanks for the post.



Could you tell me which ones? We take allegations like that seriously and I don’t see any of these ornaments in the post you linked to.



I’m not sure which ones are by them, but I know the boat in the top pic is, the mushrooms in the 3rd pic (as well as the ball with the scene inside). I also think the bottle brush fox is and maybe the glitter bird from Jayson Home. I didn’t match up their catalog with everything they’ve bought on etsy, but there are many more I don’t have examples of. If you’d like more information {links, names, etc} I’ll be glad to send them to you. I’m sure the stores that you’ve promoted here would be glad to assist you with the company that manufactured the ornaments. They copied Fern animals last year:
http://ashleyannabrown.typepad.com/blog/2009/12/massproduced-without-my-permission-update.html#comments and have copied a handful of Little Birds Designs.



I’d love more info on this via email (designsponge at gmail dot com) if you have time. I’ve never heard of this company or issue so I’m definitely curious to hear more about it. I wonder if these shops know about the copying- I’m sure many of them would buy from the original if they could (though I’m not naive enough to think some of them would still buy the cheaper version).